What is the effect of perilla seeds soaked in water?

Friends living in the countryside should be no strangers to the perilla plant. In many areas, people use perilla leaves for cooking, or for making dumplings, buns, etc. It has a special fragrance; and purple Su is still a kind of medicinal material. There is a shadow of perilla in many Chinese patent medicines. So what is the effect of perilla seed soaking in water? Let’s take a look at the introduction in the article.

What is the effect of perilla seeds soaked in water?

The effect of perilla seeds soaked in water

1. Soaking perilla seeds in water can improve human memory

Soaking perilla seeds in water has obvious effects on human brain cells. It can speed up the regeneration and vitality of brain cells, and may significantly improve people’s memory. This is because the oils in perilla seeds are the nucleic acid proteins and monoamines that are loved by humans. Neuroticism has the effect of promoting regeneration, and they are also important ingredients for improving memory.

2. Soaking perilla seeds in water can lower blood lipids and blood pressure

Perilla seeds contain a lot of oil and a variety of acidic components, and most of these acidic components are mainly unsaturated fatty acids. After they enter the human body, they can neutralize the excess fat components in the human body, reduce the production of cholesterol, and accelerate the flow of blood. It plays an important role in lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

3. Soaking perilla seeds in water can fight viruses and prevent cancer

Drinking perilla seeds in water can reduce the generation of oxidation reactions in the human body, and can also remove a variety of viruses and toxins in the human body. It can effectively prevent the formation of cancer cells and has a significant effect on the prevention of cancer and a variety of viral diseases. In addition, the antibacterial effect of perilla seeds is also very good, and it has obvious effect on removing common bacteria such as yeast and green berry bacteria in the human body.

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