What are the effects and functions of plantain soaking in water?

Soaking in water with Chinese medicinal materials is one of the most common methods of health preservation. For example, wolfberry is the most commonly used medicinal material. In fact, in addition to health preservation, using the corresponding medicines for curing diseases to soak in water is also effective in curing diseases. We all have heard of grass. It also has a name called plantain, which can be eaten as a vegetable. So what are the effects and functions of plantain soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together.

What are the effects and functions of plantain soaking in water?

Efficacy and function of plantain soaked in water

Plantain soaking in water has good heat-clearing, detoxifying, diuretic, and antidiarrheal effects. Let’s take a look at how to drink plantain in soaking water.

1. Treatment of urinary obstruction: One catty of plantain, three liters of water, one and a half liters of decoction, divided into three servings (“Back of the Elbow”); pound the raw plantain to take natural juice for half an hour, add a spoonful of honey to adjust. (“The Magical Recipe for All Living Beings”)

2. Treatment of hematuria: squeeze plantain, take the juice and take it on an empty stomach. (“Waitai”); three coins each for plantain, digupi, and Eclipta prostrata, stewed with soup. (“Mindong Materia Medica”)

3. Treatment of leucorrhea: mash the three coins of plantain root and mix with glutinous rice water. (“Hunan Medicine History”)

4. Treating heat dysentery: pound plantain leaves and twist to make a cup of juice, add honey and combine, fry at the same time, boil one or two, and serve plantain at different temperatures. (“Holy Benefits”)

5. Treatment of diarrhea: Four coins of plantain and two coins of iron horse whip, smashed together, take cold water. (“Hunan Medicine History”)

Taboos for soaking plantain in water

The old Chinese doctor told us that plantain should not be taken for a long time, because taking plantain is not absolutely safe, and it still has certain side effects on the body. Therefore, if there is no obvious effect after taking plantain for a period of time, you should stop taking it to avoid adverse effects on the body and stomach.

Plantain is a diuretic Chinese herbal medicine, so after entering the body, it is easy to cause hypokalemia or other electrolyte abnormalities in the body. Therefore, plantain can be soaked in water to drink, but it must not be taken for a long time.

The side effects of taking plantain have been recorded in detail in ancient my country. It is believed that some people who are weak or have slippery essence and weak energy are not recommended to take plantain. This is mainly because plantain enters the body. It will cause the electrolytes in the body to be disordered, and the gastrointestinal tract will be disordered. Therefore, you must clarify the taboos before taking plantain, and you must not follow your own mind, otherwise the body will be harmed.

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