The effect of red jujube, wolfberry and longan meat soaked in water

Nowadays, people pay much attention to their health, so health preservation has become a very popular thing nowadays. So how do people usually maintain health? Some people choose to eat health products, some people pay attention to diet, and some people will take various measures. Planting water to drink, health tea is also very popular nowadays, people drink water at the same time also play a role in health preservation, unknowingly, the body becomes better, red dates, wolfberry and longan are good tonics, let’s come Take a look at the effect of drinking red dates, wolfberry, longan and meat in water.

The effect of red jujube, wolfberry and longan meat soaked in water

The effect of red jujube, wolfberry and longan meat soaked in water

Jujube nourishes the blood and returns to the spleen and stomach meridian. It has the functions of nourishing the blood, soothing the nerves, replenishing the vital energy, and relaxing the medicinal properties. Modern pharmacology has found that the jujube contains fat, sugar, protein, vitamin C, trace calcium, organic acid, Rich nutrients such as vitamin A and a variety of amino acids. Lycium barbarum is a traditional Chinese medicinal material and nutritional tonic for improving eyesight and anti-aging. Lycium barbarum has 16 functions such as anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, lowering blood fat, improving eyesight, nourishing kidney, protecting liver, immune regulation, anti-oxidation, protecting reproductive system, strengthening brain, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, and resisting radiation damage. Longan is beneficial to the heart and spleen, nourishes qi and blood, and can be used for insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitations, dizziness and other symptoms caused by deficiency of the heart and spleen and insufficient qi and blood.

For such good three tonics, it’s great to soak in water and drink them together. Take the essence. Chinese wolfberry, longan, red dates, ginkgo, peanuts, red beans, and brown sugar are all commonly eaten to nourish blood and nourish the kidney. If they are matched with each other, it becomes a good recipe for nourishing blood. To fundamentally arouse a good complexion, delay aging, and make youth permanent, it is necessary to start from internal conditioning, to build beauty by replenishing blood, regulating qi, and adjusting nutritional balance. The best way to replenish blood and regulate qi is to replenish blood and kidney, such as red dates, longan and wolfberry, which can fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient qi and blood, improve the metabolism of red blood cells, and strengthen the water retention function of dermal cells. Beauty from the inside out. To be a woman, you must eat more blood tonic, so that your skin will be rosy and shiny, delay aging, and let your youth grow. Red dates are the most commonly used to replenish blood, and the best results are when eaten raw and drunk in wine.

Red dates can also be fried in an iron pan and soaked in water to treat cold stomach and stomach pain. Adding longan is a tea for blood and qi. It is especially suitable for teachers, salespersons and other people who use their throat frequently. If you add 4-6 grains of wolfberry, it can also treat constipation, but people with loose stools should not add wolfberry. Friends who often drink red dates, longan, and wolfberry tea have fair skin and good results. It’s useless to make tea without sautéing the hard and black red dates in an iron pan, because the jujubes are wrapped in the outer skin, and no nutrients can be obtained. The red dates after frying will crack in the skin after a soak in boiling water. Now, the nutrition inside will come out.

The above introduces the method of soaking red dates, wolfberry and longan in water. We can see that although the method is a bit complicated, if we really do it, it is still relatively simple. The key is that we must do it by hand. In addition, we are choosing In the process of buying longan with red dates and wolfberry, you must also be attentive and careful. Don’t buy bad ingredients just because you are sloppy.

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