What are the side effects of lotus leaf and winter melon peel tea?

We should all have seen lotus. The flowers of lotus are very beautiful. Besides the beautiful flowers, the root of the lotus is the lotus root that we eat. The lotus leaf is also very useful. It is a kind of Chinese medicinal material. It can be used to make tea, and it can also be eaten with other Chinese medicinal materials, such as lotus leaf and winter melon peel tea. What are the side effects of lotus leaf and winter melon peel tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the side effects of lotus leaf and winter melon peel tea?

Side effects of lotus leaf and winter melon peel tea

As we know, nothing is completely good for people. On the one hand, wax gourd peel and lotus leaf tea is good for weight loss, but also for beauty. But on the other hand, it is also harmful to people. Winter melon and lotus leaves are not hot. Women should avoid drinking it during menstruation, otherwise it will be bad for the health. In addition, this tea is not easy to drink too much, and it is possible to drink a lot of it. There will be the opposite effect. So this means that we must pay attention to the correct drinking time and amount, and adhere to the principle of moderation. Of course, we must pay more attention to its coolness, avoid injury, and use it correctly.

Lotus Leaf Winter Melon Skin Slimming Tea Formula

1. It is necessary to have strong tea. The second brewing tea is useless, although it can be brewed as many times as possible as long as it can brew the color. But in addition to the first bubble, the other can not have the effect of weight loss.

2. One packet of lotus leaf tea can be made into a teacup.

3. Basically, you can make 3-4 sachets a day and drink it in 3-4 times. People with signs of constipation can drink 4 sachets a day first in the first week, and finish drinking in 4 divided doses. Stool dredging is more helpful for weight loss.

4. It is best to drink on an empty stomach. Drink it before meals.

5. There is no need to diet. After drinking for a period of time, food preferences will naturally change, and many people do not like to eat meaty and greasy foods.

Slimming tea with lotus leaf and winter melon peel. In addition, lotus leaf tea does not have to be boiled. Put a bag of tea in a teapot or large teacup and pour boiling water to drink. It is best to simmer for 5-6 minutes so that the tea leaves will be thicker. And even if the tea is cold, its effect will not change, so in summer you can drink it on ice.

Weight loss effects of winter melon

The medicinal value of wax gourd is relatively great. According to the “Preparation of Materia Medica”, wax gourd is “cold to relieve heat, sweetening the spleen, improving bowel movements, reducing edema, quenching thirst, dissipating heat, dissipating poison, pain and swelling.” The whole body of winter melon is medicine, and the skin, meat and kernel of winter melon can be used as medicine. Because wax gourd is low in sodium but high in potassium, eat wax gourd more, which can treat high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema, etc.; wax gourd has a preventive effect on silicosis; wax gourd has a lacto-promoting effect on parturients. However, those with kidney deficiency should eat winter melon as little as possible.

Winter melon not only clears away heat and detoxifies, but also has excellent effects on weight loss and beauty. Winter melon skin has a significant hydration effect. Drinking winter melon skin can help eliminate edema, and it can also prevent skin from calming down and beautify the skin. The main effect of wax gourd seeds is to drain pus, which has excellent effects on the treatment of lung abscess, coughing purulent sputum, intestinal carbuncle (appendicitis), constipation, etc.

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