What are the effects and functions of Huoxiang Peilan Tea

After the summer, the most unacceptable thing for us is the high temperature. Sometimes we sweat more when we go out than in a sauna, especially if the weather is hot, it may cause us to have heat stroke; many friends should After drinking Huoxiang Zhengqi Water, it is very effective for relieving heat. So, do you know Huoxiang Peilan tea? What are the effects and functions of Huoxiang Peilan tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of Huoxiang Peilan Tea

Huoxiang Peilan tea is one of the dietary spectrum of anti-heat therapy drugs. It is very helpful for improving symptoms. Huoxiang is aromatic and warm, disperses evil spirits, wakes up the spleen and appetites, and relieves vomiting; Peilan has a pungent scent, soothes the spleen and relieves dampness. The two are used in conjunction with each other. Its effect of clearing away heat, relieving dampness and relieving heat, rejuvenating the stomach, and waking up the spleen is more effective. Vomiting, sticky mouth and other symptoms. Its main function is to remove dampness. The drugs that have good dampness removal effects are Poria, Atractylodes, Coix Seed, etc. However, when moisture traps the spleen and stomach, the effect of removing dampness is not good, especially, The damp turbid qi is severe, stagnating in the spleen and stomach, leading to stale stasis. Huoxiang’s main function is to invigorate the spleen and stomach, so that the spleen and stomach’s qi is invigorated, and the dampness is easily removed.

The preparation method is also very simple. First prepare 10 grams each of Huoxiang and Perrin, 5 grams of black tea, and an appropriate amount of ice cubes. Wash the Huoxiang and Peilan separately and set aside. Put black tea, Huoxiang, and Perrin into a cup, add 200ml of boiling water to brew, and then cover for 5 minutes. Then pour it into a cup and let cool. Add ice cubes and mix thoroughly.

Also pay attention to some problems. Tea cannot be eaten with ginseng. There are no side effects but it will affect the efficacy of the medicine. Huoxiang Peilan tea is fragrant and delicious, and the taste is also suitable for all ages. Moreover, Huoxiang Peilan tea has a certain relief effect on gastritis. If it is caused by gastritis, you can also drink some Huoxiang Peilan tea. Huoxiang can also be planted in gardens or courtyards to beautify the environment. This kind of tea that has health effects and is convenient to make is the best choice in summer.

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