Do you know how to soak ginseng flowers in water?

Everyone knows what ginseng is, and it can be said to be familiar. So, do you know about ginseng flowers? I have known ginseng for so long. It was the first time I heard that ginseng would bloom. Many people would think so, since ginseng is so big For medicinal things, then, ginseng flowers must also have a lot of value, for most humans, so today we are going to have a good understanding of ginseng flowers, do you know how to soak ginseng flowers in water?

Do you know how to soak ginseng flowers in water?

Ginseng flower, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the inflorescence of Panax ginseng CAMey. Wild are distributed in northern Hebei, Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang, and are now widely cultivated in Liaoning and Jilin, and introduced and cultivated in Beijing, Hebei, and Shanxi. It has the effect of replenishing qi to strengthen the body and delaying aging. Often used for dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath.

Perennial herb, 30-70cm high. The roots are hypertrophy, fleshy, cylindrical or spindle-shaped, with divergent ends and pale yellow skin. The leaves are palm-shaped compound leaves with long stalks; the number of whorled leaves varies according to the length of growth. Generally, 1 year old has 1 triple compound leaf, 2 years old has 1 compound leaf, and 3 years old has 2 leaves. Compound leaves, increasing by 1 compound leaf each year, up to 6 compound leaves; leaflets 5, occasionally 7; petiole length 1-3cm; leaflets lanceolate or ovate, the lower 2 leaflets are smaller, 2-4cm long, 1-1.5cm wide, the upper 3 leaflets are 4.5-15cm long, 2.2-4cm wide, apex acuminate, base wedge, margin serrated, green on the top, sparse fine bristles along the veins, and glabrous below.

The umbel is single terminal, with a total pedicel length of 15-25cm, and each inflorescence has more than 10-80 flowers, which are integrated into a spherical shape; the flowers are small, 2-3mm in diameter; the calyx is green, with 5 teeth cracks; the petals are 5, yellowish green, Oval; stamens 5, filaments very short; ovary inferior, style 2, connate at base, separated at upper part. The fruit is a drupe-shaped berry, oblate, 5-9mm in diameter, most of it, integrated head-shaped, bright red when mature, 2 seeds, milky white, 4-5mm in diameter, flat round oval, truncated on one side. Flowering from May to June, fruiting from June to September.

How to soak ginseng flower in water

Quantity: 2 grams or 5-8 flowers each time, the flowers are edible.

brewing method:Brew in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, add wolfberry, honey or brown sugar.

Taste: The bitter taste is sweet, refreshing and delicious, quenching thirst, detoxifying, good at producing body fluid without consuming gas, and has the pungent and sweet taste of ginseng.

When soaking ginseng flowers in water, you must pay attention to the selection of utensils. Never choose hardware cups or cooking utensils. This is because some substances contained in hardware cookware and ginseng flowers produce chemical reactions, reducing the efficacy of the medicine. Therefore, if you want to get the best effect of brewing ginseng flowers, choosing a casserole is a very good choice, which can maximize the quality of the medicinal materials.

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