The effect and method of Morus japonicus tea

The effect and method of Morus japonicus tea

Efficacy of Mulberry Tea: DispelWind nourishes the liver, strengthens the muscles and relieves the fetus. The nature is calm, neither cold nor hot. Red dates, eggs or quail eggs, rock sugar can be boiled together to make mulberry egg tea. Mulberry tea is sold in general herbal tea shops. Morus japonicus tea: Chinese herbal medicine Morus japonicus is an essential medicine for invigorating the kidney and blood. Chinese medicine clinically shows that using mulberry jelly decoction instead of tea has obvious auxiliary effect on the treatment of hypertension.

How to make mulberry tea:Take 15 grams of dried Morus japonicus, decoct it for 15 minutes and drink it once a day in the morning and evening.

Efficacy of Mulberry Tea:

Wuzhou Morus japonicus tea is a famous traditional health tea in Guangxi, and it is also a beverage with high medicinal value. This product is parasitic on trees such as Camellia and Beech. “Compendium of Materia Medica” refers to it as “parasites on mulberry”, “sending scraps”, “inhabiting wood” and so on. It is said that the birds grab some fruit and stop on the mulberry tree to peck and eat, and some of the seeds stick to the mulberry branches or wounds. Later, these seeds directly absorbed the nutrients of the mulberry tree to grow into a parasitic plant. The mulberry parasitic tea is collected from the tender leaves of the parasitic mulberry and sun-dried to make tea.

Morus japonicus tea produced in Wuzhou area has a long-standing reputation. As early as the Qing Dynasty, when Xie Qikun repaired “Guangxi General History”, he said: “It is better to have mulberry parasites from Cangwu Changzhou.”

Wuzhou Morus japonicus tea is called “Guang Jieyi” in traditional Chinese medicine. “Materia Medica Seeking Truth” says: “Mulus parasitica has a bitter and sweet taste, and its nature is not cold or hot. It nourishes the kidneys and blood.” It is a strengthening agent for promoting blood circulation and removing numbness.” “The Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China” also said that Mulberry Jiezi tea “tonifies the liver and kidney, dispels rheumatism, strengthens muscles and bones, nourishes blood, relieves fetus, and lowers blood pressure. It is used for rheumatic arthralgia, waist and knee weakness. , Numbness of lower limbs, fetal movement, threatened abortion, hypertension”. There are many usages of Morus japonicus tea, and people like to boil it in water or make tea directly for drinking. Boil Morus japonicus tea with eggs. This is the famous “Mus Jjisi egg tea” in the south. It is often eaten to nourish liver, promote blood, tonic, and relieve cough. Use Morus japsi tea to make wine, and the name is “Musangjiji wine” “, the smell is fragrant, it can nourish blood and tonify deficiency, dispel rheumatism, strengthen bones and muscles, nourish the skin and strengthen the body.

Efficacy of Mulberry Tea: Ancient Books

Since ancient times, Morus sylvestris has long been famous for its characteristics of health preservation and longevity. This product is mainly formulated with wild herbs such as mulberry parasitic, Chinese fir parasitic, longan parasitic, sweetgum parasitic, and native ginseng, refined by folk traditional crafts. The product is pure and natural, with the characteristics of sweet, smooth, refreshing and mellow Chinese famous tea; it also has many magical health care effects such as sobering up and eliminating stagnation, expelling wind and dampness, clearing heat and detoxification, and customs clearance. The drink of choice for all.

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