What is the effect of mulberry soaking in water

Mulberry is a kind of plant. Because it grows through branches and stems, it is called Morus mulberry. It is mostly distributed abroad, and it is also found in China. It is generally used to soak in water to drink, and Morus albus is soaked in water. The effect is very good, let us understand it, Morus parasiticum, also known as Guangji, Wuzhou parasitic tea, neem parasitic, peach tree parasitic, pine parasitic, Yumu, Wantong, sending crumbs, Jisheng, etc., is the mulberry parasitic blunt Fruit parasitic is an evergreen parasitic small shrub. The seeds of Morus parasiticus are excreted on the tree because birds are not easy to digest after eating. So what is the effect of soaking in water?

What is the effect of mulberry soaking in water

Small evergreen parasitic shrubs. The old branches are glabrous, with raised gray-yellow lenticels, and the branchlets are slightly dark gray with short hairs. Leaves alternate or nearly opposite, leathery, ovoid to oblong-ovate, apex obtuse, entire, hairy when young; cymes have 1 to 3 convergent leaf axils, total pedicel, pedicel, calyx The corolla and the corolla are both reddish-brown stellate pubescent, the calyx is subglobose, connate with the ovary, and the corolla is narrowly tubular, slightly curved, purplish red, oval berry, with tumor-like protrusions. It is parasitic on trees such as Gooseberry, Sophora japonicus, elm, kapok, and hackberry.

The effect of Morus alba soaked in water: cure low back pain, weak kidney qi, lying on cold wet ground as wind, pregnancy fetal movement, abdominal tingling, air leakage, etc., clinically also used for coronary heart disease, angina, arrhythmia, etc. Elderly people with physical weakness, women with heavy menstrual flow and symptoms such as abnormal muscles and bones, waist and knee pain, etc., can be combined with mulberry parasitic and Dipsacus and Eucommia ulmoides together in an appropriate amount and then decocted. Uncomfortable symptoms can be well treated. .

The effect of Morus alba soaked in water also includes the treatment of fetal disturbance, which is suitable for women to take during pregnancy. Because Mulberry has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney and nourishing blood, it can also have the effect of anti-fetus and solidification in life. It can be used together with dodder, donkey-hide gelatin, and dipsacus spp. Morus japonicus decoction was also carried out in vitro experiments on rabbits, and found that it has a very obvious anti-thrombosis effect. The scientific use of mulberry parasitic can play a very good diuretic effect. Although this effect is not as strong as aminophylline, it is not easy to produce side effects on the body, so the scope of application in life is very wide.

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