What are the efficacy and role of Yinchen Artemisia aconite tea

Everyone should have heard of a medicinal material called Aconite in life. This medicinal material has appeared in most Chinese medicines. That is because it has many functions, and it can be used by both men and women. Use, according to research findings, aconite has the effect of treating impotence and uterine cold. In addition, it has many other effects. So what are the effects and functions of Artemisia Aconiti tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the efficacy and role of Yinchen Artemisia aconite tea

The Efficacy and Function of Artemisia Aconiti Tea

Artemisia spp. Aconite tea is a drink. The raw materials are Artemisia spp., Aconite, dried ginger and brown sugar. Wash the above materials separately, drain them, grind them into coarse powder, and set aside. Put the coarse powder into the teapot, add appropriate amount of brown sugar, soak it in boiling water for 15 minutes, and drink it on behalf of the tea. Has the effect of dispelling cold, dispelling dampness, and relieving yellow? ? .

Aconite, a medicine, was originally contained in the “Ben Jing”. It grows because of its attachment to Aconitum (mother root), hence the name Aconite. Therefore, it is generally considered that Aconitum is the mother root, and Aconite is the child root. However, when planting Aconitum in Shanghai, the old roots that were originally planted are not used for harvesting, but the newly reproduced roots after planting are excavated for medicinal purposes. Aconitum and Aconite supplied by pharmacies are actually the same thing, but they are divided into two medicines, Aconitum and Aconite only because of the slightly different processing methods.

Although aconite and aconite belong to the same thing, because of the slightly different processing methods, there are slight differences in clinical application. It is generally believed that aconite is better for replenishing fire and regenerating yang, and aconite is better for dispelling cold and relieving pain. Shengfuzi, Shengchuanwu, and Shengcaowu are all highly toxic. They must be concocted for internal use, and decoction must be used for a long time. The raw one is generally only for external use, but it should not be used if the skin is damaged.

Aconite is a poisonous medicine blindly. However, the theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the toxicity and non-toxicity of the medicine are relative. Give full play to its focused, powerful, and stern therapeutic effect. At this time the poisonous medicine becomes a beneficial product. Aconite can restore the yang to save adversity, replenish fire and assist yang, dispel cold and dehumidify. Cure yin and prosper yang, perspiration and death of yang, vomiting Lijueni, cold pain in the abdomen, spleen, cold dysentery, beriberi edema, chronic convulsion in children, wind-cold dampness, convulsive spasm, impotence, cold uterine yin, gangrene leakage All the illnesses of coldness and coldness.

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