What is the effect of scallion white ginseng tea?

We know that China’s current science and technology are gradually developing, and people’s living standards are gradually improving. More people pay attention to their own health. So many office workers make various health teas, so what should we choose? What kind of health tea? I wonder if you have heard of scallion white ginseng tea? What are the effects of scallion white ginseng tea? Let’s take a look!

What is the effect of scallion white ginseng tea?

Scallion white is the underground bulb of Liliaceae plant small root garlic and scallion. Alias ​​small root garlic, mountain garlic, bitter garlic, small garlic, small root vegetables, small root vegetables, brain melon, wild garlic. The shape of scallion is similar to garlic, (commonly known as small root garlic) is a traditional Chinese medicinal material in my country.

Ginseng is mainly used to treat serious illness, chronic illness, blood loss, fluid loss caused by loss of vitality, weak pulse of Shenpi; lack of spleen energy, less fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea; weak lung Qi, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, cough and weakness; heart-qi deficiency and insomnia Dreams, palpitations, forgetfulness, physical weakness and excessive sweating; thirst due to body loss, quenching thirst; chlorosis and dizziness due to blood deficiency; impotence due to kidney deficiency, frequent urination, and external sensation of qi deficiency.

Scallion white has the functions of warming the middle and invigorating the stomach, clearing the yang and dispelling masses, regulating the qi and broadening the chest, and dissipating food and guiding stagnation. It can treat chest pain, chest tightness, angina pectoris, flank tingling, poor diet, abdominal fullness and pain, diarrhea or dysentery, poor diarrhea, cough and other symptoms. The scallion is bitter and warm, and cannot be used if it is intolerant of garlic. Scallion white is non-toxic, pungent and mild, which can reduce dysentery and heavy qi stagnation. Wheezing, coughing, saliva and evil, chest obstruction, Tongyang Sanjie is appropriate.

Efficacy of Scallion White Ginseng Tea:

1. Lowering blood lipids and anti-atherosclerosis

Rabbits with hypercholesterolemia continued to take the extract, and plasma total lipids, total cholesterol and β-lipoprotein were significantly lower than those of the control group. The patient took the active ingredients of Scallion White, and its plasma total cholesterol and β-lipoprotein were also significantly reduced.

The area and thickness of the aortic lipid plaque, the number of foam cells in the plaque and the proliferation of smooth muscle cells were significantly reduced after the rabbit was taken, and the coronary artery damage was also significantly reduced.

2. Inhibit platelet aggregation and antithrombotic.

The essential oil can obviously inhibit the platelet aggregation of rabbits and humans, and the inhibitory intensity is lower than garlic essential oil and stronger than aspirin.

Scallion white sugar oil inhibits the synthesis of platelet TXA2 (thromboxane), and the production of the metabolite TXB2 is reduced. The patient took Xiebai capsules for 4 weeks, the plasma 6-keto-PGFla content increased significantly, and the ratio of Pgl2/TXA2 increased. Thereby inhibiting platelet aggregation.

3. Antibacterial test.

The decoction of scallion white water can inhibit dysentery bacillus and staphylococcus aureus. The 300% water decoction uses the test tube dilution method, 1:4 has an inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and pneumococcus, and 1:16 has an inhibitory effect on Sarcina.

4. Pain relief.

The principle of its action is still seldom studied in modern times. Scallion is a plant of the genus Allium and Garlic. This genus of plants has a similar effect to mustard. In the past, European folks used this genus to relieve irritation caused by lung inflammation, such as (chest pain). It was also experimentally proved that after oral administration of the extract of Allium and Garlic, smooth muscle His response was first brief excitement, then suppression. These two points of information are effective and may be helpful for understanding the self-treatment of chest pain (pleurisy, angina, etc.).

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