What are the effects and functions of cicada slough tea porridge?

The cicada that I hate the most after summer is the cicada, because it screams endlessly, especially when living in the countryside, it is very obvious. After night, the cicada will start to play music; but cicadas In fact, it is also a very good delicacy. Cicada slough is a traditional Chinese medicine. Have you heard about the hot pot cicada slough tea porridge? What are the effects and functions of cicada slough tea porridge? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of cicada slough tea porridge?

Cicada Moulding Tea Congee

free oneself:

[Nature and flavor return to classics]Sweet, cold. Return to the lung and liver meridian.

[Functions and Indications]Dispel wind and heat, relieve pharynx, clear rash, reduce pannus, and relieve spasm. It is used for wind-heat and cold, sore throat, dumb voice, impervious measles, rubella itching, red eyes and convulsions, convulsions, and tetanus.

[Usage and Dosage]Oral administration: decoction, 1-2 yuan; or into pills or powder. External use: decocting and washing or grinding the powder to adjust and apply.

【Troubleshooting】: Pregnant women should take it with caution.

【Storage】: Store in a dry place and prevent pressure.

Odor: salty, sweet, cold, non-toxic.

Features: This product has the effects of dispelling wind, clearing away heat, and stimulating the sound of the pharynx. It is suitable for aphonia, acute and chronic pharyngitis.

Ingredients: 10 grams of green tea, 5 grams of cicada slough, 50-100 grams of japonica rice, appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Production method: First, decoct green tea and cicada with appropriate amount of water, remove the slag and extract the juice, add japonica rice, boil the corn and add rock sugar, then boil it into gruel, and serve.

Usage: Take daily in the morning and evening.


(1) It is used for exogenous wind-heat, fever and cold, cough, rubella, skin itching and other symptoms. Cicada slough has the effect of dispersing wind and heat, and is often used with mint when used for wind-heat symptoms; it also has the function of dispelling wind and relieving itching for rubella and itching.

(2) Used for poor measles transmission. Cicadas shed their hair and have a heat-clearing effect. Because it is mainly used to relieve wind and heat, it is mostly used for measles with poor transmission at the beginning. It is often used with burdock and peppermint; but it can be used if the heat rash is not smooth. Lithospermum, Forsythia and other applications.

(3) It is used for sore throat and dull voice. Swelling and sore throat treated by cicada slough is generally suitable for those who are caused by external wind-heat, because it has the effect of soothing wind-heat and throat relief, it is often used in conjunction with peppermint, burdock seed, forsythia, platycodon, and licorice. As for the treatment of sound dumbness, it is appropriate to use those caused by wind-evil stagnation of the lungs and loss of lung qi, and the power of activating the lungs to open the sound is often used in combination with Platycodon grandiflorum, Jade Butterfly, and Fatty Dahai.

(4) It is used for red and swollen eyes and pansies to cover eyes. This product has the effect of improving eyesight and relieving haze, and can be used with chrysanthemum, glutinous grass, white tribulus and so on.

(5) Used for tetanus, pediatric convulsion, night cry and other diseases. Cicada slough can not only dispel external wind, but also relieve internal wind, depending on convulsions and convulsions. For tetanus, it can be used with scorpion. It can be used for convulsion and epilepsy in children with night crying. It can be used with Uncaria. .

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