What is the effect of soaking rushes in water?

There are so many things that can be used to soak in water and drink in life. Water is an indispensable thing in human life. Therefore, the effects of these things that can be soaked in water are also different. Today, we I’m going to introduce rushes. Most of the things that can be used to soak in water for drinking in life are plants, so it’s normal that rushes can be used to soak in water for drinking. Next, let’s take a look at the rushes that can be soaked in water. Effect it.

What is the effect of soaking rushes in water?

Rush, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dry stem pith of the Juncus plant. From the end of summer to autumn, cut the stems, dry them, take out the stem pith, straighten them, and tie them into small bunches. This product has a thin cylindrical shape with a length of 2250px and a diameter of 0.1~7.5px. The surface is white or yellowish white with fine vertical stripes. Light body, soft, slightly elastic, easy to pull off, white cross section. Slightly smelly and lightly flavored.

Rush, a perennial herb, 40-100cm high. The rhizome runs horizontally and densely grows fibrous roots. The stems are clustered, upright, thin columnar, 1.5-4mm in diameter, and filled with milky white pith, occupying most of the stems. The leaf sheath is reddish brown or light yellow, up to 15cm in length; the leaves degenerate into thorny awns. Inflorescences are pseudolateral, cyme-like, multi-flowered, dense or sparse; bracts connected to the stem are 5-20cm long; flowers are light green, short-stalked, 2-2.5mm long; tepals 6, striped Needle-shaped, arranged in 2 rounds, slightly longer outer ring, membranous margin, pilose on the back; stamens 3 or rarely 6, length about 2/3 of perianth, anthers slightly shorter than filaments; pistil 1, ovary Upper position, 3-chamber, style very short; stigma 3. The capsule is oblong, blunt or slightly concave at the apex, approximately as long as or slightly longer than the perianth, with 3 complete septums inside. The seeds are mostly oval, brown, about 0.4mm long. Flowering period from June to July, fruiting period from July to October.

The effect of rushes soaked in water

Qingxin reduces fire, diuresis and relieves leaching. Cure gonorrhea, edema, dysuria, damp-heat jaundice, upset and insomnia, night cry in children, throat palsy, trauma.

It is used for water conservancy, dripping and astringent pain when urinating with heat syndrome. Heartburn, irritability, children crying at night, epilepsy. In addition, this product can be used to blow the throat for external use, which can cure throat numbness. It is mainly used for clearing the heart and fire, but its strength is relatively weak. It is only suitable for people with shallow disease, or as an aid to other heat-clearing and diuretic medicinal purposes. For children who are irritable and cry at night due to the heat of the heart, they can be dipped in water and decocted in water (the Zhu Dengxin mixed with cinnabar is better). Adults can sleep restlessly at night or insomnia due to excitatory neurosis caused by lack of heart and kidney and insufficient kidney yin. You can take it before going to bed with a decoction of light heart (or with light bamboo leaves).

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