Taboos for soaking siqing fruit in water

Xiqingguo is a kind of cold medicine with a bitter taste. It can mediate the dryness of the throat to a certain extent, and has a certain detoxification effect, which can clear away heat and promote fluid. For some hoarse voices or sore throats, it has a good therapeutic effect, but in the process of treatment, it is mainly to add some auxiliary medicinal materials according to your own situation, which can completely cure the disease and quickly. The Xiqingguo can only relieve but not treat.

Taboos for soaking siqing fruit in water

The benefits of soaking in water

1. Treat pneumonia, laryngitis, tonsillitis:Xiqingguo is served with mint, snake berry, white peony root, licorice, paeonol, Chuanbei, decoction in water. “Plateau Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Manual”

2. Treat acute enteritis:West green fruit with geranium, fragrant green (Asteraceae fragrant green plant), decoct in water. “Plateau Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Manual”)

3. Treatment of bacillary dysentery:Take 100 grams of dried fruit, add 300 milliliters of water, simmer for 3 hours, and filter the pressed residue to obtain about 100 milliliters. 15-20 ml for adults, 10-15 ml for 10-15 years old, 5-10 ml for 5-10 years old, take 3-4 times a day for 3-4 days. To clear away heat and produce fluid, relieve throat and detoxify. It is a heat-clearing and detoxifying medicine under the classification of heat-clearing medicine.

Taboos for soaking in water

Dosage 3-9 grams, orally take decoction; soak 2-3 pieces of this product in water for sore throat. It is used to treat chronic pharyngitis, hoarseness and dry throat. Avoid use for wind, fire, sore throat and moderate cold.

Siqing fruit itself has certain nutritional value and is rich in vitamins. It can not only promote brain development, improve memory, but also relieve the symptoms of inattention. At the same time, it is useful for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. It is good.

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