What are the effects and functions of Digupi tea

In ancient times, there were no too many cures for diseases that appeared. People could only rely on Chinese medicine for treatment. It is precisely because of this that Chinese medicine has become more and more sophisticated in treating diseases; more and more types of Chinese medicinal materials have been discovered. For example, Digupi has a place in traditional Chinese medicine. People often use this medicinal material to soak in water. So what are the effects and functions of Digupi tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of Digupi tea

First treatment for lung heat and coughDigupi, a Chinese medicinal material, is cold in nature, so it can clear the lung heat after entering the body, and has the effect of purging the fire that exists in the lungs. Therefore, if there are diseases caused by lung-fire stagnation and non-decreasing Qi in life, you can use Digupi to treat the disease. Other Chinese medicinal materials can also be added according to different symptoms. For example, Xiebaisan is a good choice. Adding licorice and mulberry bark to the root bark will have a better cure effect.

Second treatment of symptoms of blood heat bleeding, Due to the bitter taste of Digupi, it has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood and hemostasis. If the body has symptoms such as vomiting blood and blood in the urine caused by bloody heat, it is recommended to use Digupi for treatment. It is recommended to decoct Digupi and white wine together. You can also add some Chinese medicinal materials that have the effect of cooling blood and hemostasis, such as arborvitae leaves and Imperata cylindrica roots are very good choices. To treat Yin deficiency and fever and night sweats and bone steaming, Digupi can play a role in clearing heat after entering the body, especially the effect of liver and kidney deficiency and heat is better. In daily life, you can use Digupi with Anemarrhena, Yinchaihu and Turtle Carapace to make Digupitang and Gentiana Biejia Powder. Not only the taste will be better, but also the health benefits for the body can be obtained. strengthen.

Third, promote the health of the cardiovascular systemScientists experimented with extracts of Digu Bark on animals and found that after injection of this liquid, the animal’s body will experience a significant drop in blood pressure, accompanied by faster breathing and slower heart rate. If the blood pressure remains constant Decline may also lead to death. Therefore, after entering the body, Digupi can play a role in lowering blood pressure, and this medicinal material can also effectively block the sympathetic nerve endings and the relaxation of blood vessels, and it also has anti-adrenal cortex hormones and renin secretion.

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