How does the wood butterfly soak in water and drink it well?

The wood butterfly is the seed of a plant with long, nude-colored leaves. It looks like a dancing butterfly from a distance. It is very beautiful and grows mostly in tropical regions. The main effect of the wood butterfly is to relieve the pharynx and moisten the lungs, so eating wood butterfly is good for our lungs. So, how does the wood butterfly soak in water and drink the effect? ​​This article will give the answer, let us take a look Bar.

How does the wood butterfly soak in water and drink it well?

The function of Mubutterfly is to relieve the pharynx and moisturize the lungs; soothe the liver and stomach; condense sores and grow muscles. Must be non-smoking, alcohol, spicy food. Drink plenty of water. Exercise, strengthen physical fitness. Prevent upper respiratory tract infection. Foods that are too hard, too spicy, too salty, too hot, too rough, and irritating should be avoided. Choose nutritious, easy-to-digest soft foods as the main food, and eat more foods containing plant protein and vitamins.

The corolla is large, purple-red, the fruit is long and large, resembling a boat and a sword, and the seeds resemble white butterflies. The leaves are opposite, 2-3 pinnately compound leaves, inserted near the top of the stem; racemes are terminal, long Approximately 25 cm. Calyx is fleshy and campanulate. The capsule is long lanceolate, flat, and woody. The seeds are oblate and have white transparent membranous wings on the edges. They are ideal plants for viewing flowers and fruits in summer and autumn. The seeds and bark are used as medicine to reduce inflammation and analgesia, cure heart-qi pain, liver-qi pain, bronchitis, and stomach and duodenal ulcers. The wood is light in color, yellow and white, the heartwood and sapwood are obvious, the diameter is slightly shiny, the material is light and soft, easy to cut, the wood grain is straight, the structure is slightly thick, the pipe hole line is clear under the naked eye, and the wood is not resistant to corrosion. Special industrial value. Functions and indications: moisturize the lungs, relax the liver, harmonize the stomach, and grow muscles. Cure cough, throat numbness, dull voice, liver and stomach qi pain, sore not converging. Prunella vulgaris is often used to cure dry cough.

①”The General History of Yunnan”: “Burning into ashes can cure heart-qi pain.”

②”Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: “Relieves asthma, eliminates phlegm, breaks gu accumulation, removes the poison of blood gu and qi gu. It can also invigorate deficiency, widen the body, and eat.”

③”Compendium Supplements”: “Cure heart-qi pain, liver-qi pain, and dampness and heat in the lower part. Also Xiang Qiu Ziyun, if carbuncle poison is not closed, use this to paste it.”

④ “Lingnan Collection of Medicine Records”: “Relieve phlegm fire, remove eye heat.”

⑤ “Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”: “Antitussive, cure pertussis and dry bronchitis.”

⑥ “Compilation of Medicinal Materials”: “Treatment of throat aphonia.”

⑦ “Handbook of Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicines”: “Clear lung heat and benefit the throat. Treat acute and chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, cough, sore throat, and tonsillitis.”

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