What are the effects and functions of purslane soaked in water?

It is a habit of many friends to use Chinese medicinal materials to soak in water, especially some friends who like to keep good health. But before we use Chinese medicinal materials to soak in water, we must understand the efficacy of the medicinal materials to see if they are suitable for us. Everyone is familiar with something like amaranth. Not only can it be used as medicine, but the purslane itself is also a kind of food. So what are the effects and functions of the purslane soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of purslane soaked in water?

First: sterilization and anti-inflammatory

Through experiments, it is found that the extracts from Portulaca oleracea have a good inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria, such as typhoid fever, Proteus, Escherichia coli and Shigella. At the same time, it also has different degrees of inhibitory effects on fungi, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. Therefore, purslane has a good auxiliary treatment effect for various inflammations, and it is also called a natural antibiotic.

Second: Reduce swelling and diuresis

Purslane contains a very rich content of potassium salts. After this substance enters the body, it can drain excess water and reduce swelling.

Third: lower blood pressure

Drinking Portulaca oleracea frequently in water can lower blood pressure and restore health in addition to the above-mentioned effects. This is because purslane contains a large amount of potassium ions, and potassium ions can directly act on the blood vessel wall to increase the expansion of the blood vessel wall and reduce the thickening of the arterial wall. If you insist on taking Portulaca for a long time, your blood pressure will naturally become lower and lower, and your body will become healthier and healthier. Therefore, purslane is very suitable for patients with high blood pressure.

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