What are the effects of mulberry sticks soaking in water?

After the spring, it is also the season for the recovery of everything. Everything looks very promising and vibrant. People often pick some wild vegetables or Chinese medicinal materials to soak in water. For example, dandelion is one of the most popular medicinal materials. In fact, There are many Chinese medicinal materials that can be used to soak in water, and their effects are different. For example, soaking mulberry sticks in water is common. So what are the effects of soaking mulberry sticks in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects of mulberry sticks soaking in water?

The effect of mulberry sticks soaked in water

The mulberry branch is the tender branch of the moraceae plant mulberry. Harvested in late spring and early summer, remove leaves, sun-dried, or sliced ​​fresh and sun-dried. Mulberry branches are long and cylindrical, with few branches, varying in length, 0.5 to 1.5 cm in diameter, gray-yellow or yellow-brown on the surface, with many yellow-brown punctate lenticels and fine wrinkles, or leaf marks and axillary buds. The quality is tough and not easy to break. The section is fibrous, the slice thickness is 0.2 to 0.5 cm, the skin is thin, the wood is yellow-white, the rays are radiating, the pith is white or yellow-white, the air is slight, and the taste is light. The ones with tender texture and yellow-white cross-section are better.

Therapeutic effects of mulberry sticks:The taste is bitter, slightly pungent, and the nature is flat. Return to the liver and lung channels.

Clear heat and remove dampness and dredge collaterals. Used for rheumatic arthralgia, limb joint pain. This product can dispel wind, dredge collaterals and benefit joints. It can be reused alone (old mulberry branch is preferred) to treat joint redness, swelling, heat and pain and other joint diseases of heat arthritis. It can also be used in conjunction with other drugs. The main function of this product is to expel wind and dredge collaterals. Indications of rheumatic arthralgia, and especially suitable for upper limb arthralgia.

1. For treating rheumatism and arm finger numbness, it can be used with Weilingxian, Fangji and Angelica;

2. If it is colder, match cassia twigs to increase the temperature of the sutra;

3. If it is too hot, use Trachelospermi Caulis and Honeysuckle Vine to increase the heat-clearing effect;

4. For those with deficiency of qi and blood, mix with Astragalus, Caulis spatholobi, etc., to increase the power of Qi and blood;

5. In addition, this product can dispel blood apoplexy and heat, and it can be used to cool blood and nourish blood and dispel wind caused by wind-heat into Yingxue, dry skin, and purpura. Medicine

6. It also has the effect of promoting body fluid and hydration. It can be used for diminishing thirst and can be used alone for decoction; for edema, it can be used in combination with Chixiaodou.

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