What are the effects and functions of corn silk brown sugar tea

We should all know what brown sugar is. During women’s menstrual period, drinking more brown sugar water can help relieve dysmenorrhea, and it also has the effect of replenishing blood. Doctors generally recommend drinking more brown sugar water after childbirth; the taste of brown sugar water is sweet Beloved by friends, we all know that corn silk is the top of corn. Have you ever heard of corn silk brown sugar tea? What are the effects and functions of corn silk brown sugar tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of corn silk brown sugar tea

Corn silk tea refers to a tea beverage made from corn silk. Maize, also known as maize and sorghum, is a gramineous plant, and it is planted everywhere. Its style is sweet and sweet. Rice beard is mild and sweet, and will not cause side effects to the body after taking it, so we can be particularly at ease when we take it. Corn beard is relatively common in life, so we can consciously save the corn beard when we clean up the corn, and the effect is very good at critical moments.

Studies have found that soaking corn whiskers in water contains more nutrients, which will not harm your health after taking it, and even has a maintenance effect. In addition, corn silk has a very good therapeutic effect on many diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholecystitis, hepatitis, and so on. Drinking it is sweet and economical, you can make health tea for the whole family. Patients with high blood fat, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar can lower blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood sugar. The summer heat is heavy, Longxu tea has the effect of cooling blood and purging heat, which can remove the damp and heat in the body. It can also promote hydration and reduce swelling. In gynecology, it can be used to prevent habitual miscarriage, pregnancy swelling, and breast milk obstruction.

Corn silk brown sugar tea

Method: 1. Wash the corn to be clean, put it in brown sugar water, 2. Cook for about 5 minutes on medium and low heat, stir with a spoon during the process 3. Let it warm and serve

Corn silk can eliminate fat on the waist and abdomen, and brown sugar can nourish blood and nourish the skin. The combination of the two can not only lose weight, but also beautify the skin. It is a nourishing product for beauty.

As long as we pay attention to a small act in our life, it can be of great benefit to our body, and the small corn beard can assist in the treatment of many diseases! It can be seen that we pay attention to knowledge everywhere. If we pay attention to the health preservation effect of diet therapy, we will not have to work with many drugs in the future, and the quality of body health will be greatly improved.

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