What is the effect of soaking corn in water?

We should have eaten corn as an ingredient. In addition to being able to eat tender corn, corn can also be ground and eaten. Have you ever seen corn when it is still growing? There are many beards on the top of the corn, which is very similar. It’s our human hair, and it’s more difficult to peel off. In fact, it’s corn silk. This kind of thing is a kind of medicinal material. So what is the effect of soaking corn silk in water? Look at the introduction of the article.

What is the effect of soaking corn in water?

In traditional Chinese medicine, corn silk tea is also called dragon beard. It is sweet in taste and has a wide range of preventive and health care uses. Since corn is wrapped in corn husks during growth, it needs to rely on corn silk to absorb nutrients, so there are many vitamins and other nutrients in corn silk. It not only cools the blood and relieves heat, but also removes the damp and heat in the body, and can diuresis, It reduces swelling, and after being made into tea, it is a good weight loss drink.

The effect of soaking corn in water

Corn silk has a diuretic effect on humans and can increase chloride excretion. Its diuretic effect is extrarenal, so it has a certain effect on edema caused by various reasons. Although it can be used to treat chronic nephritis or nephrotic syndrome , But the effect is not too strong.

Corn silk has a dilation effect on peripheral blood vessels, so it has a weak antihypertensive effect.

Corn silk can promote bile excretion, so it can be used as a choleretic for chronic cholecystitis without complications or cholangitis with bile excretion disorders. It can also treat jaundice caused by hepatitis by cooperating with the jaundice of jaundice. Because corn silk can accelerate the blood coagulation process, increase the number of platelets, and can resist hemolysis, it can be used as a hemostatic and diuretic, applied to bladder and urinary tract stones, and can also be used for acute hemolytic anemia. Because it has anti-allergic effects, it can also be used to treat urticaria and asthma.

The detoxification function of corn silk can be used to treat mastitis and so on. In addition, corn silk has an appetizing effect. I often use it to boil water and rice porridge to treat patients with loss of appetite after surgery, chemotherapy, and serious illness. The effect is very good. Corn silk is usually used after decoction, and the usual amount for oral administration is 50-100 grams per day.

Although corn silk can be soaked in water, you should pay attention to choosing safe corn. You cannot choose corn silk that has been sprayed with pesticides. This will cause residual pesticides to harm human health. At the same time, use hotter boiling water when soaking corn silk. If it is not high, it will not be able to fully soak the corn whiskers, and it will be difficult for the nutrition to come into play.

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