What are the effects of drinking Alisma soaked in water

When the living standard gradually improves, people eat better and better, but do not exercise, they will become obese. I don’t know if you have noticed that even if many people start to focus on health preservation, there are still more and more obese people around us; In fact, there are many reasons for obesity. Some of them are edema-type obesity. As long as the excess body fluid in the body is removed, people will naturally lose weight. Does the traditional Chinese medicine Alisma have the effect of reducing edema? Today, I will tell you about the effects of drinking Alisma soaked in water.

What are the effects of drinking Alisma soaked in water

Introduction of Alisma

Alisma orientalis, also known as water sage, wishful flower, and sorrel, is the dry tuber of Alisma orientalis. Its rhizome is short and basal. Alisma orientalis blooms white flowers in summer, arranged in large round-shaped branched panicles, and the flowers are bisexual. Wild Alisma generally grows in swamps and is distributed in places such as China, Japan and India. In winter, when the stems and leaves begin to wither, dig, wash, dry, and remove the fibrous roots and rough bark.

The effect of Alisma soaked in water

Functions and indications: diuresis, dampness, heat release. Cure unfavorable urination, swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, phlegm, athlete’s foot, gonorrhea, blood in urine.

(1) Diuretic water seepage and dampness:It is used for the syndromes of oliguria, edema, diarrhea and damp-heat turbidity. Atractylodes macrocephala is often used to treat water in the stomach. It is often used with Mutong and Poria for treating urinary tract pain and urination.

(2) To clear away kidney fire:Used for various syndromes of yin deficiency and fire prosperity.

① “The Classics”: “Mainly the wind, cold and dampness, milk difficulty, elimination of water, nourishing the five internal organs, nourishing vitality, fat and health.”

② “Don’t Record”: “To replenish the deficient five labors, except for the fullness of the five internal organs, create yin qi, stop ejaculation, diminish thirst, and drain the bladder.

③ “Theory of Medicine Properties”: “It governs the self-exertion of kidney deficiency and essence, cures five leaching, promotes bladder fever, and leads directly to the waterway.”

④ “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: “Cures five strains and seven injuries, mainly head rotation, ringing in the ears, muscles and bones contractures, clearing the small intestine, stopping leaching and hematuria.”

⑤ “Medical Origin”: “Cure urine dripping, remove sweat from the underworld. “Secrets of Indications” says, remove old water, nourish new water, facilitate urination, reduce edema, and quench thirst.”

⑥Li Gao: “Remove the dirt left in the nose, and get rid of water in the heart.”

⑦ “Compendium”: “Exudation of damp heat, phlegm drinking, antivomiting, diarrhea, colic, athlete’s foot.”

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