Efficacy and function of Caoguo soaked in water

Have you heard of what Caoguo is? Today we are going to introduce Caoguo. In fact, Caoguo is not a common thing in life. Therefore, many people are still very unfamiliar with Caoguo; so after all What is Caoguo? Caoguo is actually a kind of plant and a kind of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is so widely used in life, so it is necessary for us to understand the effect and effect of Caoguo soaked in water.

Efficacy and function of Caoguo soaked in water

Caoguo is a perennial herb of the ginger family, cardamom, with a cluster of stems, up to 3 meters high, the whole plant has a spicy aroma, the leaves are oblong or oblong, the top is tapered, the base is tapered, the edge is dry and membranous, on both sides Smooth glabrous, whole leaf tongue, blunt tip, unbranched spikes, with up to 30 flowers per inflorescence; total pedicel is densely scaly, scaly oblong or oblong, bracts lanceolate , Apex acuminate; bracteoles tubular, calyx tube approximately as long as bracteoles, apex with obtuse three teeth; corolla red, lobes oblong, lip ellipse, capsules densely packed, red when ripe, seeds are polygonal, Rich fragrance. It blooms from April to June and bears fruit from September to December.

Distributed in China’s Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou and other provinces, cultivated or wild under sparse forest, 1100-1800 meters above sea level. Cao Guo is one of the major varieties of Chinese medicinal materials for medicine and food. Cao Guo is used as seasoning and spice; the whole plant can extract aromatic oil. The fruit is used as medicine and has the functions of drying dampness, strengthening the spleen, removing phlegm and preventing malaria. Indications of abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting, malaria and other diseases. Many proprietary Chinese medicines are inseparable from its formulas, such as Tougusoufeng Pills, Yishen Pills, Kaiyu Shugan Pills, Kuanxiong Lige Pills, and Jiebai Pills.

The ripe fruit of a herbaceous plant of the ginger family. Mainly produced in Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou and other places. The fruits are harvested in autumn when they are mature, and the impurities are removed and dried in the sun or at low temperature. For stir-frying and mashing. The nature and flavor are pungent and warm. It can dispel dampness and dispel cold. The nature of warmth and dryness is better than that of grass cardamom. It is used for cold deficiency of the spleen and stomach, abdominal distension and pain, vomiting or diarrhea. Often used with grass cardamom. Can be used to make brine.

Supplementary information about Caoguo: Caoguo is divided into grass nuts, stir-fried grass nuts, ginger grass nuts, simmering grass nuts according to different processing methods. After processing, store in a dry container, airtight, and place in a cool and dry place. Therapeutic effect of Caoguo: Caoguo is pungent, warm in nature; it returns to the spleen and stomach meridian; Fang Liezao San has the effect of drying dampness and warming, eliminating filth and preventing malaria. Diarrhea and diarrhea, food accumulation, cholera, plague, malaria, can also relieve alcohol and bad breath.

Efficacy and function of Caoguo soaked in water

Functions: To remove dampness and remove cold, eliminate phlegm and cut malaria, invigorate the spleen and appetite, promote swelling and relieve swelling. Indications: malaria, fullness of phlegm, cold pain in the abdominal abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, food accumulation. Scope of application: Insufficient heat, cough, edema, poor urination, fever in children, head sores and swelling.

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