Kumquat tea pictures and methods of efficacy

A cup of lemon tea is a good medicine to escape the heat in the hot summer. Fruit teas like lemon tea are very suitable for drinking in summer and can also replenish various vitamins in the body. So if you are thirsty or tired in summer, drink it. Carbonated drinks are not as good as a cup of fruit tea, such as lemon tea; many people know the methods and effects, so I won’t introduce them. Today I’m going to talk about the uncommon kumquat tea. Kumquat itself is very good. For medicinal purposes, what about after being made into tea? Let’s take a look at the pictures of kumquat tea and understand the effects and methods of kumquat tea.

Kumquat tea pictures and methods of efficacy

Kumquat is not only beautiful, its fruits are rich in vitamin C, kumquat glycosides and other ingredients, which play a certain role in maintaining cardiovascular function and preventing vascular sclerosis, hypertension and other diseases. As a dietary health product, kumquat candied fruit can be used for appetizers, kumquat juice can promote body fluids and quench thirst, and radish juice and pear juice can be used to cure coughs. 1. For beauty and skin care, kumquat can prevent pigmentation, increase skin luster and elasticity, slow down aging, and avoid skin sagging and wrinkles. 2. Appetizer to produce fluid, kumquat is used as a dietary health care product, kumquat candied fruit can appetite, kumquat juice can produce body fluid to quench thirst, and radish juice and pear juice can cure cough. Kumquat medicinal properties are sweet and warm, can regulate qi, relieve depression, and resolve phlegm. 3. Prevent chronic diseases. Kumquat has a certain effect on maintaining cardiovascular function, preventing vascular sclerosis, hypertension and other diseases.

How to make kumquat tea:1. Choose fresh kumquats with full and complete fruits. 2. If you are worried about unidentified residues on the surface of the fruit, wash the kumquat, add salt, rub the surface of the kumquat, rub it for a while and rinse it off. 3. Drain the water, remove the seeds and cut into thin slices. 4. Add water equal to the kumquat slices in the pot, add rock sugar after the water is boiled, and simmer on low heat. Pay attention to stirring from time to time. 5. Cook until the kumquats become soft and viscous, turn off the heat, add honey after cooling down, and stir evenly. 6. It can be drunk after 3 to 7 days in an airtight jar. 7. Dig two tablespoons of kumquats and add boiling water when drinking. Note, the sweetness can be adjusted by yourself, it can be slightly sweeter, because it is flushed when drinking, and the sweeter has a longer shelf life. The homemade one has no additives, and it is better to drink it within 2 to 3 weeks.

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