What is the effect of pearl grass tea

Everyone likes to drink tea in life. Tea culture is our traditional Chinese culture. In addition to the most primitive tea, there are many things that have been left tea now. Compared to if tea and scented tea are the most popular among girls Two of them, and many Chinese medicinal materials can also be used to make tea. I don’t know if you have heard of Pearl Grass. So, what is the effect of Pearl Grass brewing tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What is the effect of pearl grass tea

Pearl grass bubble tea

Pearl grass is a cool flower that can effectively remove toxins from the human body. Especially in summer, soaking pearl grass in water can relieve heat and fatigue. So pearl grass is a kind of flower that can clear away heat and detoxify. Pearl grass has a strong protective effect on our liver, and can also protect our eyes, effectively relieve visual fatigue, improve vision and relax the eyes, so it is very suitable for teenagers and people who are prone to eye fatigue.

Pearl grass tea is relatively cool, can effectively relieve people’s fatigue and sub-health state, and rejuvenate a kind of passion and attitude of life. Eating pearl grass when tired can effectively refresh the brain, refreshing people instantly and refreshing their spirits. Bacteriostatic test showed that 100% Zhenzhucao decoction with flat paper method has inhibitory effect on hemolytic streptococcus, golden yellow glucose, large intestine, Freund’s dysentery, typhoid fever and pus aeruginosa.

Pearl grass compatibility

1. Treat red and white dysentery:Phyllanthus fresh grass one to two. Decoction in water, add white sugar to red diarrhea, and add brown sugar to white diarrhea.

2. Treatment of dysentery and diarrhea:Take 2-3 taels of fresh whole plants, or 1-2 taels of dried products, wash and add 500 ml of water, decoct to 200 ml, 1 dose a day, and divide it into the morning and evening. Decrease in children.

3. Treatment of rabies bites:Take 4-6 plants of whole grass (decrease for children) for decoction. Pash the injured area with whole herb and cold rice grains.

4. Treatment of conjunctivitis and night blindness caused by malnutrition in children:15 grams of Phyllanthus urinaria, 50 grams of pork liver, steamed and cooked with soup and liver.

5. Sore, swollen and poisonous, snake and dog bites:Pearl grass is cool in nature, clearing away heat and detoxifying. It can treat carbuncle, venomous snake bite or rabies bite caused by heat toxin accumulation. It can be used both internally and externally, or combined with oldenlandia diffusa and fleas.

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