What is the effect of dianthus tea

Tea culture is unique to China. Many friends will think it’s wrong. Japan also has tea culture. In fact, Japanese tea culture spread from our country. Now there are many types of tea. In addition to traditional tea, there are also fruits. Tea and scented tea, and the use of Chinese herbal medicines to make tea has slowly become popular. Dianthus, a medicinal material, should not be unfamiliar to everyone, so what is the effect of dianthus tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What is the effect of dianthus tea

Dianthus aliasIt is stone bamboo flower, ten-pattern landscape flower, and Luoyang flower. This product is the dry above-ground part of dianthus or dianthus of the Dianthus family. In summer and autumn, the flowers and fruits are harvested to remove impurities and dry. The characters of dianthus are cylindrical stem, with branches on the upper part, 30-60cm long; the surface is light green or yellow-green, smooth and hairless, the nodes are obvious, slightly enlarged, and the section is hollow. The leaves are opposite, often shrunken, and the flattened leaves are strip-shaped to strip-lanceolate. Branch ends with flowers and fruits, calyx tube-shaped, 2.7~3.7cm long; bracts 4~6, broad ovate, length about 1/4 of the calyx tube; petals brown-purple or brown-yellow, curled, apex deeply divided Filamentous. Capsules are long and cylindrical, as long as the persistent calyx. The seeds are small and numerous. Odorless, light taste.

Dianthus has a bitter taste and is cold in nature. Guixin, small intestine meridian. It has the effects of diuretic and drenching, blood-breaking and menstrual bleeding. It is used for hot showers, blood showers, stone showers, impaired urination, astringent and painful leaching, and amenorrhea. Pregnant women should use it with caution.


1. Treat red and astringent urination, or obstructive obstruction, and hot and bloody: dianthus, sage, psyllium, talc, mountain gardenia, licorice (sunburn), mutong, rhubarb (wrapped in noodles, simmered, and removed. Cut and roast) one catty each. The above is scattered. Each serving is two dollars, one cup of water, into the heart of the lamp, fry to seven minutes, remove the slag, and take it before lying down after eating. Children can do less with less. (“The Bureau” Bazheng San)

2. For those who have difficulty in urination, they have moisture, and the person is bitter and thirsty: two taels of panax chinensis roots, two taels of poria and yam, one aconite (cannon), and one or two dianthus. The upper five flavors, the last one, the wuzi pill of refined honey pill is big; drink three pill, take three pill a day, do not know, increase to seven or eight pill, for small convenience, temperature in the abdomen is known. (“The Synopsis of the Golden Chamber” Guilou Qumai Pills)

3. Treat scorching fever, yellow and red urine, painful leaching, or bleeding, and bleeding in urine and urine: Gardenia jasminoides (peeled, fried) half two, dianthus ears one or two, licorice (sunburn) three points . The top is the end. Each serving is five to seven dollars, a bowl of water, seven onion roots, fifty stalks of light heart, five or seven slices of ginger, fry together until seven minutes, and take it with warmth from time to time. (“Administration” Lixiao San)

4. Treatment of umbilical sore of fish: dianthus, cooked with raw oil. (“Cui’s Compilation Essentials”)

5. Treatment of blood rash, all nine orifices are out, and those who can’t take medicine: Southern geranium (dianthus) with a big thumb (file), five jujubes (with pits), a piece of ginger (such as a big thumb), Dengcao Such as a handful of little finger, 30 gardenias (peeled), licorice (sunburned) half and two. Put the Liuwei file on the porcelain, put it in a large bowl of water, boil to half a bowl, remove and serve. (“San Franciscans General Record” Nan Tianzhu Drink)

6. Treat red eyes, swelling and pain, sore sores such as soaking: dianthus fried yellow at the end, use goose saliva to adjust the canthus, or mash the juice to apply it. (“Sheng Hui Fang”)

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