What is the effect of Caoguo soaked in water?

I believe everyone has had a cold, and the cold is a contagious disease. If one person in the family has a cold, it may cause the whole family to have this disease. So it is very necessary to relieve the cold in time, and some Friends don’t want to take western medicine after catching a cold, and the Chinese medicinal material Cao Guo has the effect of treating colds and fever. So what is the effect of Cao Guo soaking in water? To solve this problem, let’s look at it in detail. Look at the introduction of the article.

What is the effect of Caoguo soaked in water?

First of all, Cao Guo, also known as cardamom, a spice plant, ginger family, cardamom, is unique to Yunnan, distributed in 31 counties in Honghe, Wenshan, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, Baoshan, Simao, Lincang and other prefectures Jinping Miao and Yao Autonomous County (known as the “Hometown of Green Fruits”) produces the most. It is a perennial herb with a height of 2-3 meters. The flower is red, drawn from the rhizome; the capsule is fleshy, oblong, purple-brown, cracked, and fragrant.

Whole fruit, in addition to being used as a food seasoning, can also be used as medicine. It has a pungent taste and has the functions of warming the middle, invigorating the stomach, digesting food, and smoothing the air. Spices are necessary for home cooking. Their mellow taste is abnormal and refreshing; the grass and fruit are pungent in nature, and have the functions of digesting and invigorating the stomach, smoothing the air, and eliminating cold. It is mainly used for malaria and vomiting, and can relieve alcohol and poison.

The effect of Caoguo soaked in water

Cao Guo can be brewed in tea. It is said to be effective against damp heat. Some people add it to licorice to soak in water. Medical scientists have found that licorice is commonly used to treat colds, fever, bronchitis, because it has the effect of eliminating phlegm and relieving cough. Asthma, cough, skin allergies, and Cao Guo is the fruit of the ginger family plant Cao Guo, Cao Guo has the effects of removing dampness and cold, expelling phlegm, digesting food and reducing food, Cao Guo cures malaria, full of phlegm, cold and pain in the abdomen, nausea , Vomiting, diarrhea, food accumulation, well, soaking grass fruit in water is also a way to eat grass fruit, fortunately it is warm in nature and non-toxic, but it is just like ginger soup, you can combine it with imagination, Soaking Caoguo in water can dry out dampness and remove cold, eliminate phlegm, invigorate the spleen and appetite, diure and reduce swelling. If you experience cold pain, poor appetite, or poor eating, vomiting and nausea, you can try it. !

However, it is also taboo to use it. Those who are weak in qi or blood should not eat too much, which will damage the righteousness; people with yin deficiency and fire can not take it, and prevent it from warming dryness and yin damage. That’s it. Keep your body, be careful!

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