Is Siegesbeckia Siegesbeckia soaked in water for any use?

Siegesbeckia Siegesbeckia is so soaked in water, it looks very ugly, don’t think it’s really uncommon. In fact, it’s really just not knowing it. Part, harvested before and during the flowering period in summer and autumn, remove impurities, sun-dried, annual herb, the upper part of the branch, especially the inflorescence branch, is covered with purple-brown head with stalked long glandular hairs and white pilose, opposite leaves, leaf quality Thin, with short hairs on both sides, white long pilose along the veins, broad ovate to broad ovate triangle in the middle, with teeth of varying sizes on the edges, short and acuminate at the top, many, arranged in an umbrella house, Siegesbeckiae Is there any use for soaking in water?

Is Siegesbeckia Siegesbeckia soaked in water for any use?

Siegesbeckia, an annual herb, 30-100cm high. Cut upright, the upper part of the branches are often dichotomous, and all the branches are gray-white pubescent. The leaves are opposite; the base leaves wither at flowering stage; the leaves are triangular-ovate or ovate-lanceolate, 4-10cm long, 1.8-6.5cm wide, apex acuminate, base broadly cuneate, and descending into a winged stalk , With irregular lobed or thick teeth on the edge, green on the top, light green on the bottom, glandular dots, coat on both sides, three out of the base vein, obvious lateral veins and network veins; cold, pungent, bitter, liver meridian, kidney It is widely distributed in Northeast China, North China, East China, South Central and Southwest China. It is mainly wild and can also be cultivated manually.

The functions of Siegesbeckia Siegesbeckia mainly treat rheumatism, strengthen the bones and muscles, and lower blood pressure. Cure limb paralysis, muscle and bone pain, waist and knee weakness, malaria, acute hepatitis, hypertension, boils, swollen toxin, traumatic bleeding, main gold sores, pain relief, blood loss, raw flesh, except for malignant sores, reduce edema, and seal it. Soup stains, loose compresses and good. It reads: The main body is chronic malaria, phlegm drinking, raw mashed juice, and spitting out; also crushing spider bites, insect bites, earworms drowning sores.

Siegesbeckia Siegesbeckiae can be used alone with 9-15g of Siegesbeck Siegesbeckia predecoction instead of tea. It is mainly used to treat rheumatic arthralgia of extremities, especially cold pain in the waist and knees. The representative prescriptions are Siegesbeckia Siegesbeckia pill and Sitong pill. According to clinical observations, Sisi Pills are effective in treating chronic rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be used for patients with acute onset of respiratory tract infection, rough breathing weather, cough, thick white tongue coating, and dry and hot lips. But the heavier rheumatoid arthritis has little effect. Pitong Pill mainly treats muscle and bone aches caused by general rheumatism. Here, animal experiments have found that the infusion of Siegesbeckia Siegesbeckia can lower blood pressure. In recent years, it has been clinically tried to treat high blood pressure with Siegesbeckiae. It is more suitable for patients with numbness of the limbs and weakness of the waist and knees. It is more suitable for hypertensive patients with headache, dizziness, dizziness, and foot numbness.

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