The role of hemp seed in hemp seed tea and its edible method

Tea can be drunk at many times, at parties and when we are sleepy, but do we know the effects of the tea we drink? Different teas often have different effects. Today we are going to talk about hemp seed tea. What is the role of hemp seed, and what other ways to eat hemp seed besides making hemp seed tea? Hemp seed, the name of Chinese medicine, the dried mature seeds of moraceae hemp; distributed in Northeast, North and East China , Zhongnan and other places; annual erect herb, 1-3 meters high, branches with longitudinal grooves, dense gray-white appressed hairs. Leaf palmately lobed, lobes lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, 7-15 cm long, middle lobes longest, 0.5-2 cm wide, apex acuminate, base narrowly wedge-shaped, dark green on surface, slightly coarse hair , The backside becomes glabrous when it is young and densely covered with gray-white appendage hairs, with thick serrations curved inward on the edge, the midrib and lateral veins are slightly sunken on the surface, and the backside is raised; petiole is 3-15 cm long, densely covered with gray-white appressed hairs; Stipple linear.

The role of hemp seed in hemp seed tea and its edible method

The role of hemp seed: 1. Laxative effect. This product can stimulate the intestinal mucosa, increase secretion, accelerate peristalsis, reduce the absorption of water in the large intestine, and have a laxative effect. Because it contains more fatty oil, it is a lubricating laxative. 2. Blood pressure lowering effect. Hemp seed tincture is made into an emulsion by removing alcohol and injecting 2g/kg (raw medicine) into the duodenum of anesthetized cat. After half an hour, blood pressure begins to drop slowly, and after 2 hours it drops to about half of its original level. However, there were no significant changes in heart rate and breathing. 3. The effect on serum cholesterol. Hemp seed can obviously prevent the increase of serum cholesterol in rats. During the experimental period, the serum cholesterol level was relatively stable for 4 weeks, and was significantly lower than that of the control group in the 3rd and 4th weeks (P

To make porridge with hemp seeds, take 15 grams of hemp seeds, 10 grams of perilla, and appropriate amount of japonica rice. Mix them together to make porridge and drink. For hemp seed tea, stir-fry the hemp seed and sesame seeds for yellow, then crush them, then filter out the residue with gauze, as long as the powder. Then wrap it in a muslin cloth and boil it in boiling water for a few minutes, and finally add a little sugar to drink. Hemp seed wine, two or two hemp seed, ground and crushed, soaked with a catty of rice wine and drink. Stir-frying, cooking with a little oil, is the healthiest way to eat. The above is the effect and function of hemp seed and how to eat it. Through the above, we can understand the magical food of hemp seed and how to eat it. The next thing is to give full play to your subjective initiative and make your favorite food according to your hobbies!

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