What are the taboos for honey aloe tea

More and more people are beginning to like tea, not because of the popularity of tea, but more and more things can be brewed; some people use orange peels to make tea, and some people use fried malt Making tea, each has its own effects; today we are talking about honey aloe tea, I don’t know if you have ever drunk it, you can feel a hint of sweetness after hearing this name, but do you know what are the taboos of honey aloe tea? , Friends who don’t know will come to find out with me.

What are the taboos for honey aloe tea

Eating fresh leaves of aloe vera need to pay attention to the suitability of the object

It should be taken with caution for those with weak constitution or cold spleen and stomach. Those who vomit after eating fresh aloe leaves, or cause severe abdominal pain and diarrhea should also be forbidden. Aloe vera is a kind of medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It is more suitable for strong physique (i.e. empirical type), but for weak physique (i.e. deficiency type), the effect may not be ideal. Only after understanding the adaptability can it be better used. effect.

Excessive consumption causes diabetes + dental caries

It is advisable for normal adults to consume about 20-25 grams of honey every day. Because the glucose and fructose in honey are simple sugars, they can be directly absorbed into the blood by the human body. If a large amount of honey is consumed at one time, blood sugar can rise rapidly. Excessive consumption of honey for a long time will lead to insufficient insulin secretion and easily lead to diabetes. Secondly, honey has a high sugar content, is finely made, and the finished product is viscous, so it has a great cariogenic power. Therefore, sticky honey is not good for teeth.

Honey aloe tea is definitely a good product for beauty. Honey is rich in mineral nutrients and vitamins. It has a good effect of nourishing the skin and moisturizing the lungs; aloe vera has an emollient effect, and both honey and aloe can play a good role in lubricating the intestines. Green tea also has a certain weight loss effect. Because honey aloe vera tea has very low calories, honey aloe vera tea is also a good choice for weight loss. Drinking a cup every day will have the effect of weight loss! Honey aloe vera tea has the main effects : Slimming beauty, improving sleep, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough.

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