What is the effect of senna soaking in water?

People nowadays cannot live without snacks. If they don’t eat snacks, they always feel that something will be missing. However, most of the snacks contain a lot of food additives, which can easily lead to constipation. Have you ever heard of this medicinal material, it has the effect of regulating constipation, and the effect is relatively good, so what is the effect of drinking senna leaf in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What is the effect of senna soaking in water?

Senna leaf, also known as Tanna leaf and bamboo leaf, is the small leaf of leguminous plant Senna narrow-leaf or Senna sharp-leaf. Senna is a commonly used medicinal material in Chinese medicine. It is mainly used for moisturizing the intestines and laxatives. Senna leaf is often contained in some current weight loss health products.

Senna is the dried leaflets of leguminous herbs, Senna angustifolia and Senna acuminate. The nearly mature fruit pods have the same function as the leaves, and the side effects of abdominal pain after administration are less. Chinese medicine believes that this product is cold in nature, sweet and bitter in taste, belongs to the large intestine meridian, and has the effects of purging heat and promoting stagnation, laxative, and diuretic.

Modern studies have found that senna has pharmacological effects such as diarrhea, antibacterial, hemostasis, and spasmolysis. In recent years, it has been mainly used at home and abroad to prepare for intestinal cleaning before various imaging examinations of the abdomen and intestines or before surgery. It is mainly used to treat various constipation, especially senile and intractable constipation. It is also useful for the recovery of intestinal function after abdominal surgery. enhancement. It can also be used for upper gastrointestinal bleeding, cholecystitis, and acute pancreatitis. It is the most widely used cathartic agent in the world. But its adverse reactions are also increasing day by day.

With Citrus aurantium, eliminate accumulation and lead to stagnation, eliminate full laxative. Cure food accumulation, phlegm stagnation, fullness of the chest and abdomen, unreasonable stool and other diseases. Citrus aurantium, the bitterness descends downwards, the sharpness of the Qi is fierce to break the qi and accumulate, the essential medicine for eliminating food and ruffles, and has the function of purging heat and laxative. “Medicine Huayi” says: Elimination of phlegm addiction, elimination of water, daily meals, broken chest. Laxative closure is not necessary. Senna leaves are bitter in taste and cold in nature. Less use can help digestion, in addition to stagnation, more use will enter the large intestine, reduce heat accumulation, and relieve stool. If the two drugs are compatible, the abnormal stagnation will be relieved. The effect of eliminating product and fullness is multiplied.

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