What are the effects of Amomum villosum soaked in water?

I’ve heard that many things can be used to soak in water. Some Chinese medicines have a particularly good effect on soaking in water. But have you ever heard of Amomum villosum soaking in water? There may not be many people who drink it, but as long as you try and drink it once, believe it. When the curative effect is reached, I will continue to drink it; like many Chinese medicines, Chun Amomum villosum has its own unique curative effect, and the price of the medicinal material itself is also very cheap, and it is easy to use. What are the effects of Amomum soaking in water?

What are the effects of Amomum villosum soaked in water?

The efficacy and function of Amomum villosum

1. Amomum villosum Xin Wen Xing San, aromatic and dampness, mainly enters the spleen and stomach, is an important medicine for dampness and awakening the spleen, and has the effect of anti-fetus. All diseases such as Zhongjiao dampness block and fetal dysfunction are commonly used products.

2. Amomum villosum has special effects on superficial gastritis, duodenal ulcer, bloating and stomachache. Regular consumption can nourish the stomach, invigorate the spleen, warm the lungs and nourish the kidneys.

3. Amomum villosum can also be used for abdominal distension and pain caused by stagnation of spleen and stomach qi, and not thinking about food. It is often used together with tangerine peel and woody. In addition, it can also relieve pregnancy vomiting and fetal movement, and it is often used together with qi and blood and kidney medicine.

Contraindications of Amomum

1. “Materia Medica”: All abdominal pain belongs to fire, heat caused by diarrhea, fetal movement due to blood heat, sore throat due to flame, child prolapse due to qi deficiency, swelling due to damp heat, upper gas cough due to fire impinging on the lungs. Injured by the cold, all must be carefully identified and difficult to use.

2. “Depei Materia Medica”: Qi deficiency and lung full are forbidden.

3. “Medicine Huayi”: There is a fire to avoid the lungs.

How to take Amomum

After talking about the effects and effects of Amomum villosum so much, I believe you all want to know how to take Amomum villosum! In fact, the way to take Amomum villosum is really not ordinary, except for the soup with pork bones and fish meat. It can also be simmered with chicken and lean meat. Not only delicious, but also very nutritious.

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