What are the methods of aloe tea?

What is aloe vera tea? What are the methods of aloe vera tea? I think everyone is about aloe vera. Maybe everyone is curious about aloe vera tea. Everyone is not familiar with its effects and methods, but aloe vera tea is widely used; aloe vera is A sacred beauty product that women are familiar with. Aloe can not only be made into various skin care products, but also can be made into scented tea for drinking. It also has the basic functions of aloe vera; aloe vera tea is suitable for single-bubble, no need to add other things, or it can be added according to personal preference Honey, etc., are made into delicious drinks; the method of aloe tea is very simple, and you can easily try it at home. Here is a brief introduction to the methods of aloe tea with different flavors and styles.

What are the methods of aloe tea?

How to make aloe tea: ingredients, prepare aloe vera, rock sugar or honey; first wash the aloe vera, then remove the outer skin and cut the transparent leaf flesh into cubes; after the water boils, turn the heat to medium heat, and then put the aloe vera to cook 10 minutes; when the mesophyll is in a semi-dissolved state, after serving, if you like to add a little honey or rock sugar to taste. It has the functions of skin care, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, promoting digestion, improving sleep, protecting liver and liver, anti-fatigue, protecting cardiovascular system, moistening lung and relieving cough, etc.

Aloe tea method 2: Ingredients, prepare 20 grams of aloe meat, 10 grams of honey, and 5 grams of green tea leaves; first cut the aloe meat into strips and mix well with honey to make aloe vera for use; then quickly brew with about 70℃ warm water Green tea, then, take the first strong tea after the tea, mix thoroughly with aloe vera honey and an appropriate amount of ice cubes and serve. Use aloe soaked in water as tea to drink, that is, aloe tea. It has very good effects of nourishing skin, beautifying, moisturizing the lungs, clearing fire, and moisturizing the intestines. It can fully exert the effects of aloe vera itself, and at the same time it is delicious and delicious.

The method of aloe tea: materials, prepare a 20cm-long section of aloe vera, a few chrysanthemums, a tea bag, and a tablespoon of honey. Put the chrysanthemum in the water and cook it on a low heat. Finally, add the scented tea bag and honey after the water is boiled. The amount of honey and chrysanthemum can be added according to personal taste. Aloe tea with honey not only tastes better, but also has higher nutritional value.

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