Can loofah soak in water?

Loofah is a kind of food that everyone eats very frequently, and it has a very high use value. Each part of it has some unique uses. The dried loofah is often left for washing dishes. Loofah and loofah skin can be used. Used for cooking, it is widely cultivated in southern and northern parts of China, and also widely cultivated in temperate and tropical regions of the world. There are wild in southern Yunnan, but the fruits are short and small. The fruits are summer vegetables. It can be used for medicinal purposes. It has the effects of cooling, diuresis, invigorating blood circulation, clearing menstruation, and detoxification. So, can loofah soak in water?

Can loofah soak in water?

Special substances such as saponins, bitterness, mucus, wood gum, citrulline, xylan and interferon in loofah have certain special effects. It contains vitamin b1 to prevent skin aging and vitamin c to whiten the skin. It can protect the skin, eliminate plaques, and make the skin white and tender. It is a rare beauty product. Therefore, the loofah juice is known as the beauty water.

Loofah is the vascular bundle of the mature fruits of the cucurbitaceous plant loofah. In the second season of summer and autumn, the fruit is ripe, the skin turns yellow, and the inside is dry. Remove the skin and pulp, wash, dry, and remove the seeds.

According to the Chinese herbal medicine volume, the loofah is smooth and sweet, and has the effects of clearing the meridians, promoting vitality, cooling blood and detoxification. The predecessors felt that the old loofah collaterals run through the tendons and collaterals, which are roughly similar to the meridians of the human body. Therefore, the air of the old loofah collaterals can be used to guide the meridians of the body, so that the meridians can flow smoothly, the qi and blood flow, and the menstrual blood flow naturally. Bake the loofah seeds, add a bowl of water and decoct them, add a small amount of brown sugar after the water is boiled, and take it with warm yellow soup. Sooner or later, once each time, it is useful to reverse the blood of the meridian.

Loofah has special effects on clearing meridians, clearing away heat and detoxification, diuresis and swelling, and hemostasis. At the same time, in addition to these effects, it can also be a delicious food.

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