Can winter melon seeds soak in water?

Drinking plenty of water is very good for our body, especially friends who lose weight, they also need to ensure the intake of eight glasses of water every day, but drinking water is not tasteless, so people generally choose to drink tea Or drink some water that uses Chinese medicinal materials. Although these are good for the body, Chinese medicinal materials cannot be soaked in water casually. So, is winter melon seeds soaked in water? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

Can winter melon seeds soak in water?

Can winter melon seeds soak in water?

Winter melon seeds are sweet, cool and non-toxic. It contains fatty oleic acid, citrulline acid and other ingredients. Its main function is to whiten the skin. It mainly treats symptoms such as yellowish complexion, haggard complexion, and dull complexion. It is one of the commonly used beauty skin care products in ancient times. “Diet Therapy Materia Medica” records: Those who want to be lean and light can eat it for a long time. It can be used for beauty, whitening, beauty and weight loss.

Soaking winter melon seeds in water can remove stains, age spots and whitening. The powder made of winter melon seeds is pure vegetable seed powder, without any additives, preservatives, non-toxic, no side effects, and can be mixed and eaten with confidence. The beauty Zhao Feiyan used to grind winter melon kernels into powder for a long time, so her skin is very smooth and delicate, white and red.

1. Winter melon seeds contain 0.68% saponin, fat, urea, citrulline and so on. The fatty oil of the seeds contains 62.3% linoleic acid, 21.9% oleic acid, 15.6% saturated fatty acids, and a small amount of adenine, trigonelline, etc. are separated from the seeds.

2. Winter melon seeds are cool in nature and sweet in taste. It has the effects of clearing the lungs, resolving phlegm, relieving pain, draining pus, and relieving dampness. It is clinically used to treat phlegm-heat cough, pulmonary carbuncle, intestinal carbuncle, turbidity, entrapment, edema, athlete’s foot and other symptoms.

3. Winter melon seeds have good health care and anti-aging effects.

4. Winter melon seeds are rich in protein, fat, urease, saponin B vitamins and so on. The fat contained in winter melon seeds is mainly unsaturated fatty acids, the main component of which is also linoleic acid, which can lower the cholesterol and glycerate in the human blood and help prevent coronary heart disease.

5. The unsaturated fatty acids in winter melon seeds can make the face ruddy and shiny, and make the skin tender and smooth, and the hair black and shiny; in addition, winter melon seeds can also promote the body’s immune function.

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