What are the effects of longan bark soaked in water?

As anyone who has lived in Lanzhou knows that Lanzhou’s specialty products include lily, eight-treasure tea, etc. Among them, there is longan in the eight-treasure tea. With a long history, modern medical research has found that longan is very rich in sugar, and it has the effects of prolonging life, longevity and beauty. Although longan has a good nourishing effect on our body, it is not expensive and easy to store. Let’s talk about the effect of soaking longan peel in water with everyone today, let’s get to know it!

What are the effects of longan bark soaked in water?

The effect of longan bark soaked in water

1. The effect of longan bark

Longan bark can be used as medicine. It is sweet, mild in nature and non-toxic. Its most important effects are the elimination of wind and evil, and the ability to improve eyesight. It can be used for the treatment of human dizziness and tinnitus.

2. Longan bark can cure carbuncle and ulcer

Longan bark has a good astringent effect. It can be used for the treatment of human ulcer and ulcer diseases, especially for those stubborn wounds. The specific treatment method is to calcinate longan bark into charcoal and then process it. Make it into a powder and mix it with sesame oil. After mixing thoroughly, apply it directly to the affected area.

3. Longan bark can cure burns

Longan bark also has a good therapeutic effect on human burns. It is also necessary to calcinate it into charcoal during treatment, and then add sesame oil to make an ointment. After cleaning the wound, disinfect it, and then apply the ointment directly to the burned area. superior. In addition, the longan bark can also treat humans’ weakness of heart and headache. The treatment method is very simple. You only need to add about 15 grams of longan bark to water to cook, and after cooking, take the juice and drink it.

The taboo of longan soaking in water

1. Longan is rich in sugar, so patients with diabetes are not suitable for taking longan or soaking longan in water.

2. Longan is hot, so some people who suffer from acne and redness are not suitable for taking it;

3. Women with gynecological diseases are also not suitable for taking it. For example, women with pelvic inflammatory disease or urethritis are best to eat less to avoid aggravation of the disease.

4. In daily life, if a woman has a lot of menstrual flow, it is best not to take longan, otherwise hemorrhage is prone to occur.

5. Eating too much longan will easily lead to stagnation in the body. Therefore, it is not suitable for patients with inflammation and inflammation. In addition, patients with yin deficiency and fire or dampness invading should also eat less.

6. If you are suffering from diarrhea, cold and indigestion, it is best to eat less dried longan.

7. Since longan is hot, children and teenagers should eat less.

8. Longan can be eaten when it is fresh, but if the flavor has changed, it is best not to eat it!

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