What is the effect of longan bark soaked in water?

Longan is a very common fruit, so no one should be unfamiliar with it. Everyone knows that longan has a lot of value to the human body, not only as a fruit, but of course there are some other values, such as medicine. Use value, but today we don’t talk about longan, what we want to talk about is longan bark; in fact, longan bark is of extraordinary value to people, but longan bark is always not well used in life. So, next we are going to see what effect the longan bark soaks in water.

What is the effect of longan bark soaked in water?

What is the effect of longan bark soaked in water?

Prevent dizziness. Longan shell has the effect of dispelling wind, detoxification and removing evil qi. It acts on the upper part of the human body, especially the head. Drinking longan shell tea can prevent dizziness, and make you feel dizzy and deaf in old age. It is used for the treatment of dizziness and dizziness in humans. During the treatment, 15 grams of dried longan shells can be added to water and boiled. After cooking, the juice can be taken for drinking.

To treat urticaria, take 50 grams of longan shells, add 500 ml of water, soak for 2 hours, then boil on high heat, change to a simmer and continue to decoct for 1 hour, filter out the medicinal liquid, continue to add 500 ml of water to the medicinal residue, and decoct according to the above method for 30 minutes. Combine the two decoctions, filter out the liquid, and wash the affected area twice a day after letting cool. Those with less severe symptoms usually recover within 1 to 7 days and are not easy to relapse.

Soothing the nerves, soaking longan shells in water can also soothe the nerves, enhance memory, and inhibit cancer cells. The method of soaking dried longans in water is still very simple. You can just use dried longans to soak in water, or you can boil dried longans with water, so that the taste will come out a little bit. In addition, you can add red dates, snow fungus and other medicinal materials to soak together to make a different flavor of dried longan soaking.

Longan bark can be used as medicine. It is sweet, mild in nature and non-toxic. Its most important effects are the elimination of wind and evil, and the ability to improve eyesight. It can be used for the treatment of human dizziness and tinnitus. Longan bark can also treat humans’ weakness and headaches. The treatment method is very simple. You only need to add about 15 grams of longan bark to water and cook. After cooking, you can take the juice and drink it.

In addition, longan bark can be used for the treatment of human ulcers and ulcer diseases, especially for those stubborn wounds. The specific treatment method is to calcinate longan bark into charcoal and then process it. Make it into a powder, then mix it with sesame oil, and apply it directly on the affected area after mixing; longan bark also has a good therapeutic effect on human burns. It is also necessary to calcinate it into charcoal during treatment, and then add sesame oil to make an ointment. After the wound is cleaned, disinfect it, and then directly apply the ointment to the burned area.

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