What are the effects and functions of heather leaf tea?

Many people think of tea such as Tieguanyin when they talk about tea, but in fact, the tea culture is very delicate. Not only those tea leaves, but also many things can be used to make tea. Compared to if tea is very young nowadays Favorite things; Chinese herbal medicine tea is very popular, heather leaf is still relatively common in life, so what are the effects and functions of heather leaf tea? In response to this problem, let’s take a look at the introduction of the article together next.

What are the effects and functions of heather leaf tea?

Heather Leaf Tea

[Source]”Modern Practical Chinese Medicine”

[Composition]10 grams of heather leaf, 3 grams of Ligusticum chuanxiong, 5 grams each of Angelica dahurica and Gastrodia, 6 grams of Ligustrum lucidum.

[Functions]Dispel wind, dredge collaterals and relieve pain.

[Indications]① Migraine, or eyebrow bone pain, on the left side, or on the right side, or pain with the teeth and cheeks, and stops at times. It can be induced or aggravated by anxiety, emotional tension, such as neuropathic headaches. . ②Hypertensive headache, dizziness, etc.

[Preparation method]Use 5 times the dose of the medicine to grind the fine powder and mix well. Take 30 grams of the powdered medicine in a cloth bag every day, put it in a thermos, brew an appropriate amount with boiling water, cover for 30 minutes, and drink it in substitutions of tea, and drink it within 1 day.

[Troubleshooting]Take it with caution if the spleen and stomach are weak and cold.

[Notes]”Modern Practical Chinese Medicine” uses this prescription to treat “women’s neuropathic migraine”. The leaf of heather in the prescription has the functions of dispelling wind, dredging collaterals, and tonifying the kidney. “Compendium of Materia Medica” uses it to “dip liquor and drink to cure head wind”; “Materia Medica Congxin” believes that “dispelling wind and benefiting benefit are its strengths”. Ligustrum lucidum has the function of nourishing the liver and kidney, strengthening the waist and knees. The “Materia Medica Renew” says that it can “pass the menstruation and blood”. This product is compatible with gastrodia elata, which is good at treating dizziness and headache due to deficiency of wind, Chuanxiong which is longer than Qi-invigorating and depressing depression, and Angelica dahurica which has significant effect on brow bone pain. According to pharmacological studies, the prescriptions of Gastrodia, Chuanxiong and Angelica dahurica have obvious analgesic and sedative effects; Gastrodia and Chuanxiong also have antihypertensive effects, so this prescription can also have a certain effect on headaches caused by hypertension.

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