Can Shujincao and Shenjincao soak in water?

Long-term living in a relatively humid environment will lead to joint diseases in the body, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Many experts have analyzed that the appearance of this disease is inseparable from the environment in which we live; Medicinal materials can treat arthritis caused by rheumatism, and the effect is relatively good. People often use this medicinal material to soak in water. So, are Shujincao and Shenjincao soaked in water? To solve this problem, let us next Let’s take a look at the introduction of the article.

Can Shujincao and Shenjincao soak in water?

Sclerotium, also known as Lion’s grass, and Shujin grass, is the dry whole plant of Lycopodium Lycopersicon esculentum. The stolon is thin cylindrical, slightly curved, with yellow-white thin roots under it, and the upright stems make bifurcated branches and leaves. On dense stems, spirally arranged, shrunken and curved, linear or needle-shaped, yellow-green to light yellow-brown, glabrous, awn-like, whole, fragile, soft, light yellow in section, woody It is white, odorless and light in taste, and it can be drunk by soaking in water. So, what is the effect of soaking in water?

Shujin active. It can be used for skin, muscle, and joint lame syndrome caused by cold, dampness and stasis. It is used for skin numbness, and it is common for people with physical weakness to be caused by externally invading blood vessels by pathogenic qi, wind, cold and dampness. Use this product to promote qi and blood and clear meridians. Used for wind-cold-dampness arthralgia joint pain, with this product to dispel wind and cold, dry dampness and relieve arthralgia, relax tendons and activate collaterals. For traumatic injuries, use this product to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Dehumidification. This product is hard and warm, and has the power of lowering qi and dehumidification. It can be used for qi stagnation and stomach pain, and can relieve the liver and relieve stagnation, and lower the qi to eliminate stagnation.

Dehumidification and detoxification. It is used for snake sore, that is, herpes zoster, which is mostly caused by deficiency of qi and inability to discharge water, and accumulation of blood stasis and dampness. Use this product to promote qi and blood circulation, remove blood stasis, dry dampness and detoxify.

Cool down. The water extract of S. chinensis has a cooling effect on experimental fever in rabbits, and its effective ingredients are lycosine, sclerotin, and sclerotin. Lycosine intravenous injection also has a cooling effect on cats.

Treatment of rheumatism fever. It is warm in nature. Traditional Chinese medicine does not have the effect of clearing heat and cooling temperature. However, pharmacology reports that its active ingredients have the effect of lowering body temperature. Therefore, it can treat rheumatism and fever. Diuretic. Swamp chinensis has a diuretic effect and promotes the excretion of uric acid. It can also relieve spastic urinary retention in children, and has a laxative effect.

Cure gout. Shenjincao can treat gout and hyperuricemia. It is used as a meridian-inducing medicine and is equivalent to Hongteng and Qinpi. excited. Experiments show that the lycosine in the grass has an excitatory effect on the rat Xiaoyang and the uterus. Affect blood pressure. It has been reported that Sclerophyllum has a boosting effect, and there are also reports that it has a blood pressure lowering effect.

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