Do you know that dried longan bark can be soaked in water?

Longan is a very common fruit in life. I believe many people love it very much. We all know that longan can actually be used medicinally. It has good medicinal value to the human body; of course, it is not just longan meat. Longan bark and longan core have good medicinal effects; today, we are mainly talking about longan bark. How do ordinary people deal with longan bark? Don’t throw the trash can after today. Next we will come. See if the longan bark can be soaked in water to drink it?

Do you know that dried longan bark can be soaked in water?

Longan bark can be used as medicine. It is sweet, mild in nature and non-toxic. Its most important effects are the elimination of wind and evil, and the ability to improve eyesight. It can be used for the treatment of human dizziness and tinnitus. Longan bark can also treat humans’ weakness and headaches. The treatment method is very simple. You only need to add about 15 grams of longan bark to water and cook. After cooking, you can take the juice and drink it.

In addition, longan bark can be used for the treatment of human ulcers and ulcer diseases, especially for those stubborn wounds. The specific treatment method is to calcinate longan bark into charcoal and then process it. Make it into a powder, then mix it with sesame oil, and apply it directly on the affected area after mixing; longan bark also has a good therapeutic effect on human burns. It is also necessary to calcinate it into charcoal during treatment, and then add sesame oil to make an ointment. After the wound is cleaned, disinfect it, and then directly apply the ointment to the burned area.

Soaking longan bark in water has many benefits, but due to the warm nature of longan, not everyone is suitable for long-term use. The following two types of people should be cautious to take: Suitable for long-term use by people who have too much body heat. For those with yang deficiency, excessive phlegm and heavy dampness, longan bark tastes sweet and warm, can drive away cold in the body and moisturize the spleen and stomach, so it is not suitable for people with body heat hoarding, such as patients with high liver fire, heartburn patients, and patients with cough caused by lung heat. Patients with excessive phlegm and bloodshot should not take too much, long-term use will aggravate the condition.

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