What are the effects of eucommia mulberry parasitic soaking in water?

It’s hot in summer. If you sweat too much and don’t replenish it in time, it’s easy to lose water. Drinking too much plain water will increase the burden on the kidneys. In summer, people have a lack of appetite. Drinking plain water is indeed a bit boring. Adding some Chinese medicinal materials in it not only tastes more delicious, but also has a health effect. For example, if you drink with Eucommia mulberry parasitic in water, what is the effect of this tea?

What are the effects of eucommia mulberry parasitic soaking in water?

What is Eucommia?

Eucommia bark is an over-the-counter medicine, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Indications of lumbar spine pain, weak feet and knees, excessive urination, wet itching under the vagina, fetal leakage, fetal movement, and high blood pressure.

Middle-aged and elderly people with insufficient kidney qi, waist and knee pain, weak legs and feet, and urinary leakage are suitable for food; women with weak physique, weak kidney qi, fetal leakage and habitual abortion should eat during pregnancy, sequelae of polio, children Those who are too late to walk and have weakness in both lower limbs are advised to eat; those with hypertension are advised to eat.

What is Morus?

Mulberry, also known as mistletoe, is a stem-leaf plant with leaves. It is also a good Chinese medicinal material and has many therapeutic effects. It can be used to remove rheumatism, invigorate the liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones, effectively relieve the weakness of waist and knees, and weaken limbs, remove rheumatism and bone pain, and have a certain auxiliary treatment effect on hypertension. In medicine, Morus alba is used as a decoction, which can effectively resist poliovirus, has a certain sedative effect, and can also play an anti-thrombotic effect.

What are the effects of eucommia mulberry parasitic soaking in water?

Eucommia ulmoides and Morus sylvestris have the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and muscles, and anti-fetus. Clinically, the two are often used in combination to treat rheumatism, kidney deficiency, low back pain, and fetal movement.

The effects of Morus alba soaked in water:Cure low back pain, weak kidney qi, lying on cold wet ground when wind, fetal movement during pregnancy, abdominal tingling, air leakage, etc., clinically also used for coronary heart disease, angina, arrhythmia, etc. Elderly people with physical weakness, women with heavy menstrual flow and symptoms such as abnormal muscles and bones, waist and knee pain, etc., can all be combined with Morus parasiticus, Dipsacus and Eucommia ulmoides together in an appropriate amount and then decocted. Uncomfortable symptoms can be well treated. .

The effect of Morus alba soaked in water also includes the treatment of fetal disturbance, which is suitable for women to take during pregnancy. Because Mulberry has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney and nourishing blood, it can also have the effect of anti-fetus and solidification in life. It can be used together with dodder, donkey-hide gelatin, and dipsacus spp. Morus japonicus decoction was also carried out in vitro experiments on rabbits, and found that it has a very obvious anti-thrombosis effect. The scientific use of mulberry parasitic can play a very good diuretic effect. Although this effect is not as strong as aminophylline, it is not easy to produce side effects on the body, so the scope of application in life is very wide.

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