Can Chinese medicine clove be soaked in water?

Lilac, a plant of the Oleaceae family, is used as an ornamental flower in our daily lives. The flowers are large and luxuriant, and their elegant fragrance is loved by many people. The origin of lilac is in the northeast of our country. As well as the southwest, there are many types. In addition to the common cloves, there are also cloves, red cloves and cloves. After taking cloves, the health effects of the body are very good, especially for the digestion of the digestive system. Well, the specific effects of clove soaking in water are as follows:

Can Chinese medicine clove be soaked in water?

First: Promote the health of the digestive system. The effect of drinking clove soaked in water has a very good health effect on the digestive system, not only can enhance digestion, but also has certain treatments for some discomforts of the digestive system. Scientists conducted experiments on mice and found that after taking cloves, the formation of gastric ulcers in mice can be suppressed to a certain extent. This is because cloves contain a certain amount of eugenol and clove volatile oil, both of which can promote mucus. The secretion function does not increase the gastric acid in the intestines and stomach, so it can inhibit and treat gastric ulcers. After taking cloves, the effect of invigorating the stomach is also very good. It can effectively relieve abdominal bloating. It has a very good effect on some nausea and vomiting gastrointestinal diseases, and effectively enhances the digestive ability of the intestines and stomach. The effects of clove soaking in water also include anti-diarrhea and inhibiting intestinal excitement. The extracts in clove can effectively inhibit colorectal diarrhea and intestinal effusion caused by various reasons. The use of clove science can also effectively inhibit the excitatory effect of the isolated intestine.

Second: Anesthesia and analgesia. The scientific use of cloves also has certain anesthetic and analgesic effects. The eugenol contained in cloves has a very good anesthetic effect on some young animals. Scientists have conducted experiments on mice and found that the use of cloves can effectively anesthetize the nerves and also have a certain inhibitory effect on the compound actions of the fibers. The analgesic effect of clove soaked in water is also very good, and it must be used scientifically in life. Third: Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory clove soaking water also includes understanding of heat, lineup, and anti-inflammatory. This is because the ether extract contained in cloves can effectively improve vascular permeability, so that inflammation can be prevented. Well treated. After entering the body, cloves can also enhance the body’s antioxidant properties, effectively scavenging free radicals in the body, and can also keep lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase mars.

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