Can Baizhu Alisma long soaked in water to drink

Soaking Chinese medicine in water has become the choice of many medical and non-medical health professionals. So which Chinese medicine is suitable for soaking in water and which Chinese medicine is not suitable for soaking in water? And can it be soaked for a long time? For example, can Baizhu Alisma long soaked in water? In fact, many people don’t know that, strictly speaking, making tea with Chinese herbal medicine is regarded as medicine, not ordinary tea. Making tea with Chinese medicine is called “tea agent” in Chinese medicine. Like the decoction we are familiar with, it is regarded as the important part of Chinese medicine. The dosage form is just that we are familiar with decoctions, and we are used to drinking tea as ordinary tea. In fact, this is not appropriate.

Can Baizhu Alisma long soaked in water to drink

We all know that Atractylodes macrocephala is a good Chinese medicinal material, and it is used in the treatment of many diseases. In the same way, Atractylodes macrocephala can be used as an ingredient for cooking, not only can one less delicious dishes, but also healthy eating. It is also possible to drink Atractylodes macrocephala with water and tea, and the effect is also very good. You can drink more.

Although each kind of medicinal material has its benefits, it is unavoidable, and there are also certain disadvantages! The more bitter Atractylodes, it will help burn and damage the yin, it is recommended not to take it often, even if it is used, it should be used in conjunction with others, such as Medicinal materials such as Ophiopogon japonicus and donkey-hide gelatin are nourishing yin. But in any case, Atractylodes macrocephala is a very good medicinal material after all. As long as it is well matched, it can not only exert its own effects, but also avoid its shortcomings.

Alisma is sweet; light; cold in nature. Return to the kidney; Bladder Channel. Functions and indications: diuresis and dampness; venting heat and removing dampness. Mainly have trouble urinating; hot shower astringent pain; swelling and fullness of edema; diarrhea; dizziness due to phlegm; nocturnal emission. According to Western medicine, it has the effects of lowering blood lipids and mild blood pressure, but it can reduce cellular immunity. Toxicity: Alisma orientalis contains irritating substances, oral administration can cause gastroenteritis, sticking to the skin can cause foaming, and its leaves can be used as a skin redness agent.

Alisma: nature and flavor return to menstruation: sweet, cold. Enter the kidney and bladder channel. Efficacy: diuresis and dampness; venting heat and drenching. Mainly have trouble urinating; hot shower astringent pain; swelling and fullness of edema; diarrhea; dizziness due to phlegm; nocturnal emission. Taboos: Those with kidney deficiency and smooth essence are not allowed to take it. Pharmacological effects: 1. Lipid-lowering effect 2. Protective effect on the liver 3. Diuretic effect Alisma food: This product is compatible with sea clams and clams.

Application 1. Diuresis and soaking. This product is sweet and light to penetrate and diminish dampness, and can be used for dysuria, diarrhea, edema, etc. caused by dampness. Often used the same as Poria. 2. Reduce kidney fire. This product enters the kidney meridian and relieves kidney fire. It is often used for symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, and upset caused by excessive kidney fire. 3. Alisma diarrhea is weak in oozing and dampness, cold and diarrhea in nature, good in venting kidney meridian deficiency and fire, and bladder damp-heat, so it is a product for venting heat and dampness. All signs of water dampness and internal stoppage are commonly used. Alisma contains Alisma alcohol substances, which can cause a decrease in appetite and increase bowel irritation. The irritating substances in it can cause gastroenteritis after oral administration. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, increased stool frequency, abnormal liver function, hematuria, and respiratory paralysis in severe cases. Skin rash and itching can also occur. External application can cause foaming dermatitis. Long-term application can cause water and electrolytes. Disorder, causing damage to liver and kidney.

Atractylodes macrocephala can be soaked in water, but it is not recommended to take it for a long time. As for Alisma, soaking in water is not recommended.

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