Common rushes soaked in water to drink the effect

Drinking tea is a very good habit. I especially like drinking tea. Sometimes I pick wild tea leaves to soak in water. What are the effects of drinking rushes in water? It can treat urinary problems It has the effect of dripping and astringent pain. Juncus is a kind of Chinese medicinal material with extremely high value in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. It is mainly used to treat gonorrhea. It is what we often call “five showers”, which are respectively “qi showers”. “Shilin”, “Laolin”, “cream” and “blood”, rushes not only can effectively alleviate the symptoms of Wulin, but also can regulate the body.

Common rushes soaked in water to drink the effect

Crying in the middle of the night in children is a kind of disease. Generally speaking, the main cause of the disease is heart heat and cold spleen. If it is caused by the heat of the heart, the baby will have a red complexion, a hot tone, warm hands and abdomen, irritability, do not like to see the light, and will often cry on his back. If it is caused by the coldness of the spleen and stomach, you can see that the baby has a pale complexion, does not like breast milk, has cold hands and abdomen, and does not eat supplementary foods, and often crooked hooves. If the baby is found to have the above symptoms, then mothers can use rush to boil water to bathe the baby, which can effectively relieve the symptoms. The efficacy and role of rushes can effectively relieve the baby’s crying symptoms in the middle of the night, do mothers remember?

In addition to the above-mentioned functions and effects of rushes, it also has the effect of curing insomnia and upset. For friends who are often troubled by insomnia and upset, I am here to tell you a simple and practical way to relieve the troubles caused by your insomnia. Use rush to boil water or use rush to soak in water to drink, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, and it is very convenient, the preparation method is relatively simple, and it can be eaten at home.

There are many more efficacies and functions of rushes, as well as eating methods. Because of the different customs in each place, the descriptions are also slightly different.

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