Can Haijinsha be soaked in water?

We must be familiar with “Wang Lo Kat”, but everyone will not be associated with Hai Jin Sha. In fact, Hai Jin Sha is an important component of Wang Lo Kat. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that can diuretic and anti-inflammatory. It can be used clinically for treatment. Upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, sore throat, urinary tract stones, edema, white turbidity, leucorrhea, hepatitis, nephritis, edema, mumps, enteritis, dysentery, skin eczema, mastitis and other diseases, then we can directly Drink, so can we soak in water and drink directly? Before answering this question, let’s learn about Haijinsha.

Can Haijinsha be soaked in water?

Haijinsha, also known as bamboo garden coriander, Shizhen said: Its color is as yellow as fine sand. What is said to be the sea is also extraordinary. The common name is bamboo garden coriander, and its leaf shape is also. The aliases are Iron Centipede, Golden Sand Cut, Luo Net Vine, Iron Wire Vine, and Left Turn Vine. The medicinal part is dried and mature spores and whole plants. Haijinsha is the mature spore of the perennial climbing fern. The vine leaves are harvested when the spores are not shed in autumn. Generally, when the dew is not dry in the early morning on a sunny day, cut off the stems and leaves, place them in a basket lined with paper or cloth, and dry them in a sheltered place. Knead and shake with your hands to shed the spores on the back of the leaves, and then use a fine sieve. Remove the stems and leaves and use them as medicine.

For decoction in a cloth bag, Haijinsha is a plant spore. Due to its small size, if it is not packaged, it will be bleached on the surface of the water. It is not easy to grate off. .Chinese medicine Haijinsha means that Haijinsha leaves can be boiled in water and soaked for drinking. Haijinsha is a plant spore. Due to its small size and light weight, it may cause the patient’s test tube discomfort when swallowed, so it needs to be decocted. If it is really swallowed, there is no serious problem, it is to see if the discomfort caused by it will cause nausea and vomiting than the patient.

Let me introduce the use of Haijinsha for specific diseases: 1. Burns: The stems and leaves of Haijinsha are burnt into fine powder. Use sesame oil to adjust the affected area. 2. Mumps: Haijinsha vine root 30 grams, Decoction in water. 3. Upper respiratory tract infections, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchitis: 30 grams of Cymbidium acuminata, 15 grams of Daqingye, decocted in water. 4. Hot shower: 30 grams of fresh sea golden sand stems and leaves, pound the juice, and mix with cold boiled water. 5. Mastitis: 20-30 grams of Haijinsha root, half-decocted with rice wine and water, warm sleep and sweat; also use equal parts of fresh Haijinsha stems and leaves and fresh cultivar for external application.

After understanding this, we should know whether Haijinsha can be soaked in water and drink? The answer is: the bag is fried for a few minutes and then drink it!

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