Can the Chinese medicine Kochia scoparia soak in water to drink

It is a common plant in the north. It grows fast in spring and summer. In spring, the northern rural areas often collect its tender seedlings to cook porridge and buns. The whole family sits together and enjoys the delicacy gifted by nature. In life, we only know that it can eat. But I don’t know that it also has the effects of clearing heat and dampness, dispelling wind and relieving itching; it grows in mountains and wastelands, fields, and roadsides, and is cultivated in gardens. It likes warm and humid climate, drought-tolerant, and sunny; Kochia scoparia is its fruit. As a Chinese medicinal material, can Kochia scoparia be soaked in water?

Can the Chinese medicine Kochia scoparia soak in water to drink

Kochia scoparia first contained “This Classic”, “Maintain bladder heat, facilitate urination, invigorate the middle, and nourish vital energy.” “Medicinal Fu” “The wind of Kochia scoparia to benefit the bladder to wash the skin”. “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” “treats women’s various classics and visits heat, clears the bladder, and under the humid tropics”. “Materia Medica” says it “improves essence and strengthens Yin”. The proof is not a false statement.

Taste Kochia scoparia, chew carefully in the mouth, first bitter and then slightly sweet. It may be said that it is cold in nature, and the treatment experience should be cold in nature, not a medicine for severe cold. Long-term use has not seen any harmful effects on the stomach and intestines. It can be used to treat pruritus, itching and irritation. It can be used as a noble medicine. It is not an exaggeration to use more than 100 grams. It is often used as a counter medicine with white fresh skin; if the vulva is sweating and itching, regardless of men and women, it can be taken alone. Cnidium, dried alum, and talc are used to grind finely, often with miraculous effects. Cure “non-lin” urethritis, often urethral abnormal feeling, like a worm, single flavor 50 overcomes more than a month and heals. Benefit to see its merits of promoting dampness and detoxification.

Kochia scoparia tea can clear away heat and promote dampness in summer, but don’t drink it continuously for a long time. You can drink it intermittently, once or twice a week, to avoid cold and cool children injuring the spleen and stomach. Now you know the role of Kochia scoparia. I didn’t know that Kochia scoparia was such a valuable thing before. This shows that our knowledge is not broad enough. So in the future life, it’s a good way to learn more about it. In fact, if you want to keep healthy, you can live everywhere. All are knowledgeable.

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