What are the side effects of corn silk and the practice of corn silk tea

What are the side effects of corn silk and the practice of corn silk tea

Corn silk tea refers to a tea beverage made from corn silk. Maize, also known as maize and sorghum, is a gramineous plant, and it is planted everywhere. Its style (corn silk) is sweet in nature and sweet. Take about 30 grams of fresh corn silk (about 10 grams of dried corn) and decoction instead of tea, which can lower blood sugar, is suitable for adjuvant treatment of diabetic patients, and has the effect of diuresis and edema.

Corn silk tea method:

Corn silk tea Corn silk tea, the method is very simple-

Corn silk tea method 1: clean the corn silk and brew it with boiling water.

Method two of corn silk tea: use corn silk to boil water before taking it.

Corn silk tea method three: keep the corn silk, put it in the pot and cook it together, then eat the corn and drink the soup.

Corn silk tea method 4: eat soup with winter melon, both of which are good for reducing swelling.

Efficacy of corn silk tea:

The high content of cellulose in corn can protect the stomach, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and the corn silk has a sweet taste. Among them, other nutrients can enhance the body’s metabolism, adjust the function of the nervous system, and can play the role of making the skin soft and smooth, inhibiting and delaying the production of wrinkles.

In traditional Chinese medicine, corn silk tea is also called dragon beard. It is sweet in taste and has a wide range of preventive and health care uses. Since corn is wrapped in corn husks during growth, it needs to rely on corn silk to absorb nutrients, so there are many vitamins and other nutrients in corn silk. It not only cools the blood and relieves heat, but also removes the damp and heat in the body, and can diuresis, It reduces swelling, and after being made into tea, it is a good weight loss drink.

In Chinese medicine, corn must have a wide range of preventive and health care uses. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can relieve water and swelling, relieve heat, calm the liver and promote gallbladder, but also anti-allergic, and treat nephritis and edema, hepatitis, hypertension, cholecystitis, gallstones, diabetes, sinusitis, mastitis, etc. Boiled water can be used as a substitute for tea to cool down the heat. Regular drinking has the effect of weight loss and is of great benefit to the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and hypertension. Patients with high blood fat, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar can lower blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

Corn beard has a very good hypoglycemic effect, and the majority of diabetics can “turn waste into treasure” with a little use. Corn silk contains a lot of nutrients and medicinal substances, such as tartaric acid, malic acid, bitter glycosides, polysaccharides, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol and so on. Since ancient times, corn silk has been widely used in China. It is also recorded in “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” that corn whiskers have hemostatic and diuretic effects. However, people’s understanding of corn beard has been limited to its diuretic and swelling effect, but they do not know that it is a good medicine for treating diabetes blindly. In southern China, corn whisker and lean pork soup are often used to treat diabetes. This is recorded in the “Lingnan Medicine Collection”. In addition, many folk prescriptions in China also have similar content, either using corn silk to soak in water for drinking, or using corn silk to cook porridge, all of which have achieved good results.

Pharmacological effects of corn silk tea:

1. Choleretic effect: Corn beard can significantly increase bile secretion and promote bile excretion. It can reduce the organic matter and residue in the bile, and reduce the viscosity, specific gravity and bilirubin content. Human gallbladder reflex contraction occurs 15-30 minutes after oral administration of corn silk preparation, and bile selection increases. This effect is slower than that of magnesium salt, but it is more long-lasting, and is not accompanied by increased bowel movements and loose stools.

2. Diuretic effect: gavage corn silk decoction 5g/kg, 10g/kg, bears significantly increase the urine output of awake rabbits in the first and second hours after administration, and the high-dose group has a stronger effect, which is weaker than furosemide but lasting. The water extract was injected intravenously at 1,5 mg/kg. The rabbits had the first diuretic effect after 4 minutes, and the strong second diuretic effect appeared after 13-15 minutes. It is neutralized with sodium hydroxide and then dialyzed with bladder membrane, its diuretic effect remains unchanged, indicating that its diuretic components are not contained in inorganic salts. This product has a diuretic effect by oral or subcutaneous injection. After administration, the chloride concentration in the blood first increases, and then the urine output and the chloride content in the urine increase. The diuretic mechanism is mainly extrarenal, and the combination with caffeine has a synergistic effect. Corn silk 8-10g is made into a decoction for oral administration. It has a mild diuretic effect on normal people, but it is weaker than Polyporus umbellatus and caffeine. There are also reports of clinical death menstruation double purpose controlled studies showing that this product has no significant difference in human urine output and urinary sodium excretion at 12h and 24h compared with the control group.

3. Antihypertensive effect: Corn silk aqueous extract, ethanol aqueous extract, ethanol extract and decoction, intravenously injected into anesthetized dogs, cats and rabbits have antihypertensive effect. With its decoction, intravenous injection (0.05~0.2g/kg) or perfusion (2g/kg) to anesthetized dogs can reduce blood pressure by 30%-73% and 53% respectively, and recover in 2~5h and 5~10h. When corn silk boiled water dialysate (1.37-22mg/kg) was injected intravenously into normal anesthetized dogs, it produced a dose-dependent antihypertensive effect, which was effective at 15 minutes and maintained for 80 minutes, accompanied by a significant decrease in heart rate. However, it has also been reported that feeding awake dogs at the same dose for 3 weeks has no hypotensive effect; intraperitoneal injection of corn whisker in hypertensive rats has hypotensive effect, but has no effect on normal rats. Its blood pressure-lowering mechanism is mainly central, and it is also believed that it is mainly the result of dilation of peripheral small blood vessels. Corn silk can counteract the boosting effect of adrenaline. Small doses of corn silk have no effect on the heart, while larger doses have slower heartbeat and weaker heartbeat.

4. Hypoglycemic effect: the fermented preparation of corn silk has obvious hypoglycemic effect on rabbits; water decoction 7,5g/kg, 15g/kg, 30g/kg gavage, continuous 7d, to mice caused by alloxan Diabetes has a significant therapeutic effect, and it also has a significant hypoglycemic effect on hyperglycemia in mice caused by glucose and epinephrine. But it shows a significant dose-effect relationship, but it has no obvious effect on the blood pressure of normal mice. It suggests that corn silk may have the effect of double-muscle hypoglycemic drugs.

5. Other effects: 15g/kg, 30g/kg of corn silk water release agent, gavage for 7 days, can significantly reduce the serum cholesterol content of hypercholesterolemia mice. Corn silk contains vitamin K, which has a therapeutic effect on coagulation dysfunction caused by vitamin K deficiency.

6. Toxicity: Various oral preparations of corn silk are almost non-toxic, and the water decoction is intragastrically administered, and the maximum tolerable dose in mice is >171g/kg. The lethal dose of the methanol-insoluble fraction extracted from water (diuretic component) intravenously in rabbits is 250 mg/kg, and the optimal diuretic dose is 1.5 mg/kg for intravenous injection and 6 mg/kg for oral administration. And the intestinal muscles have little effect.

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