What is the effect of corn silk tea

Eating corn can help digestion. In fact, there are other treasures in corn. Its corn whiskers, corn whiskers that grow like whiskers, are generally thrown away when we eat corn, but it is actually a commonly used one. Medicine, in life, some people use corn beard to soak in water, especially female friends who want to lose weight, because it has the necessary effect for weight loss, that is, drainage and swelling. In addition to this effect, it has many effects. So, what is the effect of corn silk tea?

What is the effect of corn silk tea

Corn silk often gathers into loose clusters, styles are linear or whisker-like, intact ones grow to 30 cm, diameter 0.5 mm, light green, yellow-green to brownish red, shiny, slightly transparent, stigma 2-lobed, bifurcated, The texture is soft, gasless, and tasteless. Soft and shiny ones are preferred. Corn silk is a thin thread-like substance on corn fruit. It looks inconspicuous, but it is a substance with outstanding health benefits. It is also a kind of Chinese herbal medicine. Corn silk can be directly used to soak in water and drink. Drinking can cure and alleviate a variety of human diseases.

Efficacy, corn to be soaked in water can cure high blood pressure. Soaking corn silk in water can cure high blood pressure and dizziness. The specific usage is to soak 50 grams of corn silk and ten grams of chrysanthemum together in boiling water and drink it. One dose is sufficient on the first day, and it can be brewed with boiling water repeatedly; Soaking in water can cure liver cirrhosis. Corn silk soaking in water can also prevent and treat human liver cirrhosis. When soaking in water, you can put winter melon seeds and chixiaodou in a pot and fry them, then put them in a cup with the corn silk and add boiling water. The water brewed by the brewing method can be used as a substitute for tea in daily drinking.

Corn to be soaked in water can cure bleeding gums. Corn silk soaking in water has the effect of clearing heat, removing fire and hemostasis. It has a good therapeutic effect on human gum bleeding. The specific method of soaking in water is to put 50 grams of corn silk in a thermos, then rinse with boiling water and cover the lid. , Simmer for ten minutes and then pour it out for drinking. A thermos bottle of water can be drunk several times throughout the day. It has an excellent effect on the treatment of bleeding gums.

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