Efficacy and contraindications of winter melon peel soaked in water

Do you like to eat winter melon? Many people like to eat winter melon soup, especially in the cold winter, my mother always cooks dishes with winter melon as the main ingredient, similar to winter melon soup, stuffed winter melon and other foods are not less Over; but most people will discard good winter melon skin when cooking. In fact, winter melon skin is not less useful than winter melon meat. Even if it is soaked in water, it has a very good effect. Then we will learn about winter melon skin. The effects and taboos of soaking in water.

Efficacy and contraindications of winter melon peel soaked in water

The effect of winter melon peel soaked in water, Winter melon peel contains more nutrients, not only has health value, but also has medicinal value. Winter melon skin is slightly cold but sweet and light in taste. It can clear away heat and relieve swelling. Winter melon skin mainly treats diseases such as edema, poor urination, diarrhea, sores and swelling. And wax gourd peel contains a variety of volatile components, triterpenoids, cholesterol derivatives, vitamin B1, vitamin C, niacin, carotene and other minerals and trace elements. People with damp-heat constitution can eat it if they have edema, fullness, excessive phlegm, heat boredom, thirst, eczema, boil swelling, etc., and can relieve alcohol.

Taboos for soaking winter melon peel in water:1. People who are undernourished and people who have symptoms of swelling due to malnutrition are best not to use wax gourd skin, a Chinese medicinal material, to avoid health abnormalities. 2. Patients with chronic illness, yang deficiency constitution and cold limbs are not suitable for soaking wax gourd skin in water. 3. Patients with stomach pain and cold should not soak the skin of winter melon in water to avoid aggravation of uncomfortable symptoms. 4. Do not use wax gourd skin for a long time and in large quantities when you usually use it. This is because wax gourd skin is cold. If it is used for a long time and in large quantities, it will easily cause various discomforts in the body. 5. Winter melon peel is not suitable for use in autumn and winter, because autumn and winter seasons should be tonic, so winter melon peel is not suitable for consumption. Winter melon peel is suitable to be taken in summer and can relieve fever such as sultry, uncomfortable, dry mouth and tongue.

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