Can Araceae be soaked in water?

Araceae is really a beautiful name. In many people’s minds, the stars are a symbol of light. Regarding Araceae, I believe everyone has heard of its name, but they still don’t know much about its essential functions and effects. Especially for some people with severe damp phlegm, it is even more necessary to understand, because araceae has a certain therapeutic effect on drying dampness and reducing phlegm; besides, it has many other functions, whether araceae can soak Do you drink water?

Can Araceae be soaked in water?

Araceae soaking in water can dry dampness and resolve phlegm, and is used for cold phlegm, wet phlegm, stubborn phlegm cough, and chest and diaphragm swelling. The function of this product for removing dampness and resolving phlegm is similar to Pinellia ternata, but the nature of warming dryness is even worse. It can treat symptoms such as excessive cough and phlegm caused by stagnation of dampness and phlegm, the color is white and thin, and the chest tightness is greasy and greasy. If it is a cough due to lung heat and yellowish sputum, use Scutellaria baicalensis and Fructus Trichosanthis to clear away heat. Used for cancer. In the treatment of cervical cancer, 105 cases were treated with local araceae and araceae injection, and 20 cases were cured, the effective rate was 78%. Araceae has also been added to the compound to treat lung cancer, which has a certain effect. Cure shingles. Using raw araceae, mountain mushrooms, aesculus aesculus, and other good wine to grind together, rub the affected area with medicinal juice after grinding, treat 28 cases of herpes zoster, all cured.

Araceae is distributed in many areas of our country. It has a bitter taste and is warm in nature. It can be used externally or internally. The famous compound Nanxing analgesic ointment is made with Araceae as the main ingredient. It is applied to the affected area to reduce swelling. Stasis. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake, you can also suck out the venom, then mash it with araceae and apply it to the wound. The efficacy and role of Araceae have been widely used in many places, and it has played an excellent role in medicine, but its vice-general use cannot be ignored.

The side effects of Araceae can cause strong irritation to the body, such as itching, redness and swelling of the skin, and even erosion. If the patient takes too much aracene, it will cause throat irritation, loss of taste, and slurred speech.

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