What are the specific effects and functions of Xiangfu tea

Tea is a very good thing in our country, and Chinese people like to drink tea; today we are going to introduce this kind of tea, it can regulate menstruation and relieve depression, and also has an effect on human liver, it can soothe the liver and regulate qi, it is Xiangfu tea ;So what other effects does it have? In the eyes of people who don’t know it, Xiangchong is just a weed, but in fact it is a good medicine. The main function of Xiangchong is to smooth the air and regulate menstruation and relieve pain; let’s Let’s learn more about the efficacy and function of Xiangfu tea.

What are the specific effects and functions of Xiangfu tea

The efficacy and role of Xiangfu

The efficacy and role of Xiangfu are regulating qi and relieving depression, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, treating liver stagnation and qi stagnation, dyspepsia, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, cold colic, abdominal pain, breast tenderness, and the efficacy and role of Xiangfu and the way of eating is fragrant. With mugwort leaf tea, Xiangfu Chuanxiong tea, Angelica Xiangfu soaked wine, dried tangerine peel Xiangfu steamed pigeon, Xiangfu Chuanxiong brown sugar fried, Xiangfu angelica honey drink, Xiangfu gardenia porridge.

Cyperus rotundifolia is the dry rhizome of Cyperaceae. Cyperus rotundifolia has the effects of regulating qi and relieving depression, regulating menstruation and relieving pain. Xiangfu mainly treats liver stagnation and qi stagnation, chest, hypochondriac, abdominal distension and pain, indigestion, irregular menstruation, and amenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea, cold hernia, abdominal pain, breast tenderness.

1. Xiangfu treats deficiency and cold of the viscera, irregular menstruation, dizziness, eating little, cold and hot all over, acute pain in the abdomen, red leucorrhea, heart dullness, deficiency and cold in the blood, and unfixed fetal gas: Xiangfu is half a catty . Boiled in vinegar, roasted for the end, vinegar and maru Tongzi are big. Take three or forty pills per serving, and drink the rice.

2. Cyperus rotundus, the Qi medicine in the blood. The prescription is used to treat uterine bleeding, which is to replenish qi and stop bleeding. It can also remove blood clotting, and it is also a good idea. Treating diarrhea with croton can not only cure diarrhea, but also can cure diarrhea, agree.

3. Xiangfu treats migraine headache: Chuanxiong two taels, Xiangfuzi (fried) four taels. The top is the end. Blended with tea, it is especially good to have Lacha tea.

4. When Xiangfu is dispelling, it can benefit the three burns, relieve six depressions, reduce diet accumulation, fullness of phlegm and drink, tarsal, abdominal distension, athlete’s foot, relieve pain in the abdomen, limbs, head, eyes, teeth, ears, and carbuncle sores. Ulcers, vomiting blood, hematuria, hematuria, women’s metrorrhagia, irregular menstruation, all kinds of diseases before and after childbirth.

5. Under the treatment of Xiangfu, the blood will not stop or become five-color uterine bleeding: Cyperus rotundus (peeled off the skin, slightly fried) is the end. Two yuan per serving, the rice drink is adjusted down.

6. Cyperus rotundus treats hematuria in urine: Cyperus rotundus and Xindiyu are divided into equal parts. Each decoction. Take Xiangfu Decoction for three or five sips first, and then take Diyu Decoction until it is exhausted, and then take it if it fails.

7. Xiangfu cures the tingling of the heart and belly, and adjusts the qi: Wuyao (to the heart) 12 taels, licorice (fried) 1 tael, and Xiangfuzi (peeled and dried) 20 taels. The above is the details. For each dollar of money, people will have a little salt, or if there is no salt, take it with boiling soup.

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