Can gualoupi skin be soaked in water or not?

When I went home a few months ago, I saw a few vines hanging on the books in the yard with a few pale yellow skins on them. I couldn’t tell if it was fruit or melon. The old man at home told me that it was Gualou, after a long time of drying, can be used as medicine; Gualou peel contains a lot of nutrients and has a good effect on the human body, so the prospects for research and development are still very optimistic; many people use Gualou peel Soaking in water, so can the Gua Lou Pi be soaked in water to drink?

Can gualoupi skin be soaked in water or not?

Trichosanthes bark is the pericarp of Trichosanthes juncea or bilateral trichosanthes. It is the peel of the cucurbitaceous plant Trichosanthes or bilateral Trichosanthes. The morphology of the plant is detailed in the chinensis and chinensis stalks. The morphology of the plant is detailed in the chinensis and chinensis stalks. Mainly produced in Sichuan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan and other places also have production. The dried peel is usually rolled into a tube shape, about 6-10 cm long, often with a stalk, about 2 cm long. The peel is very thin, the outer surface is orange-yellow, with bright red patches and fine veins, and the inner surface is white to dark yellow. , Often with unfinished pulp. Hard and brittle. Aromatic and spicy. The ones with fresh color and no fruit stalk are better.

Gualoupi decoction has a certain inhibitory effect on drug-induced arrhythmia. Experiments have shown that pre-intraperitoneal injection of Gualoupi decoction can prevent calcium chloride-induced ventricular fibrillation in rats and significantly increase the threshold dose of ouabain-induced ventricular tachycardia in guinea pigs, which can make aconitine-induced rats The incubation period of arrhythmia is prolonged, but there is no statistically significant difference. Gualoupi decoction injected into the abdominal cavity of normal anesthetized rats can significantly prolong the PR, QT, and RR intervals of the electrocardiogram.

In vitro experiments proved that: Gualou decoction and the extracts of Gualou peel and Gualou seed have a killing effect on mouse ascites cancer cells. The anti-cancer effect of Gualou Peel in vitro is better than that of Gualou Seed, and the 60% ethanol extract has the strongest effect. The white-like non-crystalline powder obtained from the ether extract of Gualou peel also has anti-cancer effect in vitro, but the subshell and fatty oil are ineffective. Animal experiments show that Gualou has a certain inhibitory effect on sarcoma, but its effect on ascites cancer is not obvious. Gualou peel has good medicinal value, but here is to remind patients that it should not be used indiscriminately, and must follow the doctor’s advice, especially for pregnant friends, not to use drugs indiscriminately. In addition, gualoupe has therapeutic effects, whether it is stew or soup, it is very delicious, and it is also beneficial to the human body.

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